The Mastercard cashplus card is a prepaid card brought to you by Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd and is available in the UK. This card, unlike many prepaid cards gives the consumer the chance to improve credit with use. Officially called the “Cashplus Prepaid Gold Mastercard”, it carries a 100% acceptance guarantee. It is a great way to manage budgets and a great alternative to bank accounts or credit cards. This prepaid is packed with benefits including cash back, credit building, and more.

  • Instant approval
  • No credit checks
  • 100% guaranteed


Certified Creditbuilder:

Unlike most prepaid cards, this specific card provides the chance to build poor credit. This card comes with no interest or administration fees. The Creditbuilder feature can be added to the card at any time. You must however, have Total Access and a monthly pricing plan. To add Creditbuilder do the following:

  • Go to the members area (you may need to register)
  • Login and click the creditbuilder button on the left side
  • Follow the simple onscreen instructions
*You will receive a confirmation email once this has been succesfully completed


Free Cashback:
Recieve up to 27% cash back on select purchases when you use the card. Not sure where to shop to receive these discounts? Visit the exclusive Cash back online store. This is a feature that many prepaid cards do not carry. Not only does this give the consumer extra freedom but it also puts money back into their pockets.


Other Benefits:
  • Wages Payment– save time and money by having wages added directly to the card
  • Paying Bills – pay bills online and over the phone
  • Online Gambling – set caps, manage spending. safe and secure
  • Money Share – low rates on financial transfers
  • Students –  no overdrafts. safer than cash around dormitories. family able to add funds