The MasterCard gift card (MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card) is a prepaid card that can be used anywhere debit MasterCard cards are accepted, which includes millions of locations worldwide, like retail stores and online. Unlike the MasterCard Everyday Prepaid Gift Card, the MasterCard gift card cannot be reloaded, so once the initial funds are depleted, the card can no longer be used. Here is a link to our post on the MasterCard Re-loadable Gift Card.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the MasterCard Gift Card:

Where can I buy a MasterCard Gift Card?

You can buy a MasterCard gift card at some bank branch locations and at some retail locations. Click here to see locations.

Where Can I use the MasterCard Gift Card?

The MasterCard gift card can be used worldwide anywhere Debit MasterCards cards are accepted. You have to know the balance on your card before using it since the retail location may not be able to give you the balance on the card.

How do I check the balance on my MasterCard Gift Card?

To check the Balance on the MasterCard gift card, look at the back of the card for instructions. You may have to visit the card issuer’s website or you may be provided a phone number to call. See our post on MasterCard Gift Card Balance Check.

Can I add more money to the MasterCard Gift Card?

No, the MasterCard gift card cannot be re-loaded. Once the original funds are depleted, the card can no longer be used. You can check out the MasterCard Reloadable gift card.

What if the funds on my card will not cover my entire purchase?

You can still use the card, but you need to tell the cashier in advance that you will be using two forms of payment. You first have to use your MasterCard gift card and tell the cashier exactly how much is left on the card so that they can charge the card for that amount. You can then use another form of payment for the remaining balance. The process, known as “split tender” may not be available at some merchant locations so be sure to ask first.

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