Gift Card Rescue, would like to announce our newest promotion the Timely Twitter Special or #TTS. This promotion has been designed to increase our influence in the social media world. The timely twitter special (#TTS) will take place for only a few hours on a random day and there will be incredible discounts on gift cards.

Who wouldn’t want to take benefit on lower prices on an already discounted gift card? The only catch is that you have to actively follow us on Twitter @giftcardrescue. We will be announcing these Timely Twitter Specials at random times on random days. For example you might wake up at 9:00 on Monday preparing for your work week when all of a sudden you see that Gift Card Rescue tweeting about there Timely Twitter Special with Wal-Mart gift cards for 50% off of their face value!

The Timely Twitter Special will only last for the scheduled time or until we run out of stock of the selected card. So hurry up and get your gift card fast. I know that with all of the active followers in the Gift Card Rescue community (we thank you very much) the message will be spread quite quickly!

So make sure you follow @giftcardrescue on Twitter , vote for us in the Forbes Boost Your Business Competition if you haven’t already, and take advantage of all of the great deals before the Holiday Season hits.