Gift Cards Online – Review of e-Gift Card e-gift card example is the biggest online store in the US. If you are struggling to get a last minute gift for a friend, family member or co-worker, you can never go wrong with an e-gift card. They can be used to purchase millions of items on from a huge selection of Books, Electronics, Music, DVDs, Software, Apparel, Toys, and much more.

Here are the notable features of the e-Gift Card

  • e-Gift Cards can be purchased in any amount from $5-$5,000
  • The Gift Card Codes are emailed immediately to the recipient after payment is made.
  • The e-Gift Card has to be added to the recipient’s account in order to use it. The email accompanying the card has instructions on how to add the gift card to your account.
  • The balance on the card is automatically updated in the account after each use.
  • The e-gift cards have no expiration and carry no fees
  • They can be redeemed at or affiliate
  • Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards on
  • e-gift cards are not replaceable when lost, stolen, and destroyed.

To buy the gift card, click here.

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Business Gift Cards – Buy in Bulk and Save


Do you reward your customers or employees with gift cards? Are you trying to boast sales and attract new customers? One proven way to draw new customers to try your product or service is by offering gift cards as an incentive. The good news is that you can save money on gift cards when you buy in bulk. The minimum order for bulk gift cards is $500 ($1,000 for some merchants).

You can also buy wholesale gift cards and use them as employee rewards. It is said that recognition improves performance – when you motivate your employees, they in turn create exceptional experiences for your customers, which leads to increased sales. Gift Cards are a great way to accomplish this. You can buy gift cards to restaurants, department stores, or to popular superstores.

To buy bulk gift cards, click here.

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What Gift Cards are Sold at Walgreens?

Walgreens gift card selections - Gift Cards Sold at Walgreens

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have probably seen our series on “Where to Buy Gift Cards”. We got a question about gift card selections at Walgreen. Here is a blog post listing all the gift cards sold at Walgreens.  (Updated on 10/27/2011)

Gift Card Selections at Walgreens

American Express
Babies ‘R’ Us
Baja Fresh
Bass Pro Shops
Bath & Body Works
Bed Bath and Beyond
Best Buy
Black Angus
Bonefish Grill
California Pizza Kitchen
Cheese Cake Factory
Chili’s Grill & Bar
Cold Stone Creamery
Cracker Barrel
Foot Locker
Home Depot
Jet Blue
Maggiano’s Little Italy
Mastercard Gift Card
NFL Gift Card
On The Border Mexican Grill
Outback Steakhouse
P.F Chang’s
Pizza Hut
Red Lobster
Romano’s Macaroni Grill
TGI Friday’s
Toys ‘R’ Us
Visa Gift Card

Not all cards available in all stores. Call your local Walgreens store for complete list.

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Cardwoo Prices Are Not Published for a Reason

Cardwoo prices - how much cardwoo pays for gift cards

Here at, we constantly get phone calls from prospective customers who want to know how our service compares to Cardwoo. Most of these people have either seen the radio or TV ads from Cardwoo and are price shopping. The problem is that Cardwoo does not publish how much they pay for gift cards because they don’t pay much.

A recent review by the Personal Finance Magazine Smart Money found that Cardwoo pays the lowest for gift cards when compared to other gift card exchange sites. For example, Cardwoo pays 50% for most cards, vs 77-80% by GiftCardRescue. See the image below for the Smart Money price comparison chart.

As you may be aware, Cardwoo is owned by the same company that runs Cash4Gold, and their business models are pretty much the same – which is you mail them your gold or gift card, and then they tell you how much they will pay you.

One can understand how this model works for gold, since it requires an appraiser to determine the value of the gold jewelry, etc. But unlike gold, gift cards have values on them. If you want to check the balance on a gift card, you can go online or call the number on the back of the card. So, when you want to sell your gift card, all you want to know is how much someone is willing to pay you for your card. There is no appraisal needed to determine the value of the card since we already have a way of knowing that.

That is why we at tell you how much we pay for gift cards we buy, so that you know what you are getting upfront. And that is the difference between our business and Cardwoo.

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Best Gift Card of 2010

Best Gift Cards - Best Online Gift Card

The Best Gift Card of 2010 is Walmart Gift Card. This is according to a survey of about 6,000 users. For more details on the survey, see our press release.

Here is a full list of the Best 20 Gift Cards according to the survey:

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Post Office Locations That Sell Gift Cards

Gift Card Selection at Post Office

As you may be aware, the post office will begin selling gift cards in May 2011. Check out this post for more details. To start, only 2,000 locations will sell gift cards. They will add more locations in October 2011. We will provide information on which offices will be carrying the gift cards as they become available to be sure to check back here for a complete list.

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Gift Cards Sold at the Post Office

Gift Card Selection at Post Office

Beginning in May 2011, you will be able to buy gift cards at the post office. Yes, the post office. Gift Card Sales are projected to reach $100 billion this year, and the post office wants in on the action. They will start with 2,000 locations and add more locations later this year.

I think it is a smart idea for two reasons. First, some post office locations already sell greeting cards, so adding gift cards is a natural extension. Besides, the convenience of being able to go to the post office, buy a gift card and mail it right there to anywhere in the country will appeal to a lot of people. Second, the post office is struggling and could use the extra revenue from selling gift cards and also postage to mail them. And since they will initially focus on selling bank issued gift cards, this is probably going to be a hit.

Gift Card Selection at the Post Office

For now, the post office will be selling bank issued gift cards, like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. There is no word yet on which of the four brands they will be selling so be sure to check back here for more details. As you may be aware, bank issued cards can be used anywhere the card issuer is accepted.

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Target American Express Gift Card Review

Target American Express Gift Card

Below is a review of the Target American Express Gift Card, one of the most popular prepaid gift cards.

Target is now in the bank prepaid card business. As stated in the previous post, Target now sells a Target Visa Gift Card. They also have a Target American Express Gift Card. See the image below for details. If you have any doubt that gift cards are going to continue to grow in popularity, read this post. Also, with the post office planning to start selling gift cards, it looks like gift cards are back after a slight dip in sales in 2008 and 2009.

Here is a complete review of the Target American Express Gift Card.

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Target Visa Gift Card Review

Target Visa Gift Card Image

For a review of the Target Visa Gift Card, see below. You can also check out our review of the Target American Express Prepaid card.

I visited our local Target store over the holidays and saw that they are now selling a Target Visa Gift Card and a Target American Express Gift Card. As you are probably aware, Walmart has been selling the Walmart MoneyCard (Prepaid Visa Card) for a while now and Target is now getting in on the action in the prepaid space. Below are images of the Target Cards. So, you now have another convenience place to buy Visa Gift Cards.

Here is a complete review of the Target Visa Gift Card

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What's up with all the Holiday Bonus Gift Card Deals?


Over the last few years, retailers have developed a new way to entice consumers to buy more gift cards by introducing bonus offers. A typical offer goes like this – buy a certain amount of gift cards and get free bonus gift cards. The image below is from a local Romano’s Macaroni Grill here in Maryland, offering a $5 bonus card when you buy a $25 gift card. So, why are retailers offering these deals during the holiday season and why are they growing in popularity? There are several reasons:

First, it’s a win win situation for the buyer, receiver, and retailer. Buyers are enticed to buy gift cards because there is something in it for them. So, they can buy a gift card as a gift and then keep the bonus card for themselves. The retailers benefit because it provides them an opportunity for future sale.

Second, retailers have every incentive to push gift card sales during the holidays because it provides them a boast in sales in January, which is usually a slow month. Also, studies show that people who spend gift cards usually spend 20% more than the card value, so it makes business sense to spend advertising dollars on giving out bonus gift cards since there is a greater chance that money will be recouped when the card receiver uses the card.

Third, not all the bonus gift cards will be redeemed. This is because since they are listed as “Bonus Cards” instead of “Gift Cards”, they do not fall under the gift card rules under the CARD Act. So, these “Bonus Cards” have a limited period by which they must be redeemed before they expire. By putting restrictions on their usage, the probability that some of the cards expire before they are used is high, saving the retailers some money.

Regardless of your opinion on these Bonus Card deals, I think it is smart marketing and has been very effective, hence their growing popularity. Banner Design

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