Recently, ┬álaunched a conflictual marketing stunt, where the company sends “Free $500 Gift Cards” to consumers via snail mail. The catch is a 9% of sale shipping and handling fee which tags along. Consumers are responding with mixed feedback regarding this ploy along with some confusion.

Is this card too good to be true? What REAL benefit does it hold? Should I toss it? We’ve analyzed the pros and cons, based on consumer feedback, in order to assist your decision on how you might use this Red Star gift card.

The Cons

Public response has shown that many consider the potentially decisive means of advertising this shipping cost is a characteristic of poor business morality.

Others are quick to point out a more complex scheme. Customers have stated that the merchandise is of poor quality and inflated prices which in turn may result in shipping and handling fees costing the consumer more in the long run.

It is important to note that the cards following the initial launch carried print stating “Free Gift Card” but the company has since removed these words from their mail-outs.

The Pros

Many others report that they have used the card and the site without problem or concern. A number of individuals actually, business owners included, rebutted to these SCAM cries saying that this is simply clever marketing. Not only did it stir viral conversation, but many consumers are actually content with the 9% charge.

Feedback seems to be based on discrete review. Basically, those who enjoyed the product, enjoyed the promotion.