Sell Gift Cards for credit

The gift card industry in 2010 is seeing major growth with over $24.78 billion dollars being spent in gift cards this holiday season. The new CARD Act which passed in August of 2010, changed the expiration date of gift cards to be a minimum of 5 years after activation, making them a very popular option. A study conducted by the National Retail Federation indicates that over 77% of all shoppers will give at least one gift card this year.

If you receive a gift card that you have no use for, consider trading it for credit. Each Christmas, I receive a Home Depot gift card from my uncle that for some reason believes that I love home improvement. In the past I have given away different home improvement or restaurant gift cards that I didn’t want to friend and family members. However, now I can trade those unwanted gift cards for an e-gift card to

At, I can choose whatever I want because their product selection is endless. Even better is that the Amazon credit is stored in my account and never expires. I can save the credit until an irresistible deal comes along or I want to buy a gift for someone else. will offer you an additional 5% on top of whatever they normally pay for a gift card when you choose Amazon credit. So for that $100 Home Depot gift card that my uncle gives me each year, I will be trading it for credit.

It doesn't get any easier then that!