Do you have gift card you don’t want? Are you considering selling them on eBay? Here are three reasons why you should sell your unwanted gift cards to instead of eBay.

  • Price Guarantee

When you sell your gift cards on eBay, you have no guarantee on how much you are going to get. Until the auction ends, you have no idea how much the final bid will be. When you sell gift cards to, we will give you a quote that offer tells you exactly how much we will pay for your gift card. Unlike Cardwoo or Ebay, the quote is guaranteed and we pay up to 90% cash back depending on the merchant. Don’t take a risk when selling your gift card for cash, choose Gift Card Rescue.

  • Purchase Guarantee

At, every time that you sell a gift card it is 100% guaranteed. If the gift card is on our merchant list and meets our terms and conditions (over $20 and does not expire within two years), we will buy it for cash or credit. When you sell your gift card on eBay, there is no guarantee it will sell or that you will get the money.

  • No Selling Limit

Ebay’s terms and conditions currently limit you to the ability to only list one gift card at a time. If you have multiple gift cards you may have to wait weeks to sell them. No only do we want to buy your gift cards, but we want all of them! If you have bulk gift cards, please contact one of our agents at 1-877-800-4413 and we will work out a deal for you.

  • Potential for Fraud is Eliminated

Selling your gift card on eBay means you will be dealing with a stranger you don’t know. There are plenty of opportunities for fraud and the most common example is this:

The buyer who is receiving the gift card declines that they have ever received the card. They report this transaction to Paypal and almost immediately get their money refunded. This leaves you without a gift card and at a total loss.

By selling your gift card to GiftCardRescue, you eliminate the opportunity for fraud. We are in our third year of business and you can trust a reputable company like ours that has been mentioned in major media outlets such as; the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNBC, Forbes, and NPR.

We are confident that once you do business with us, you will come back to us for all your gift card needs, including our extensive volume of discounted gift cards of up to 30% off.