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Simon Gift Card balance Check

simon-malls-visa-gift-card1If you have a Simon Mall Gift Card and would like to check the balance, you have three (3) options to do so: You can check the balance on your Simon gift card online at You can also call the toll-free number located on the back of the card, anytime, 24 hours a day; or stop by the Simon Guest Services at your nearest Simon mall. You need the gift card number and the 3-digit code on back of the card to check the balance.

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Gift Card Balance Check Explained


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  1. i need to know how much i have.

  2. Effie Drewery

    I received a Simon Gift card at one of the internet cafe…but never used it…noticed that the valid thru is 12/ show that there is no money on it…does that mean that your company has relieved me of this $50

  3. what’s the deal that you can’t check you’re balance of you’re gift card on line??

  4. I love the idea of using weeds! I’ve used pinecones as decorations in all sorts of ways before, but had never thought of tying them on presents… I’ll have to start searching around in nature for gift wrapping ideas!

  5. Ruth Ann McColley

    I received a Simon Gift Card from wyndham in june 2009. I have not used it yet and found out today that it has gone from the original $25 that was on it when I received it down to 12.50, presumably because fees are being taken out of it. Today, I called the 1-866-300-9401 and it said that the card was INVALID!! I can’t use it at all! Simon “took” $25 from Wyndham when Wyndham bought it and now Simon is “taking” a monthly fee out of MY $25. GUESS WHAT!!! The card DOES NOT EXPIRE until JUNE 2011!!!! The Simon Gift Card is simply flat out DECEPTIVE!!! Find another way to make money instead of stealing from your customers!! I WILL NEVER GIVE A SIMON GIFT CARD, EVER! Simon should re-instate the money to my card. 4016 6170 0388 1823.

  6. Linda Rowell

    I want to reinstate an expired gift card. How do I do it?

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