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Simon Malls Visa Gift Card Explained

The Simon Visa Gift Card is issued by the Simon Property Group, one of the biggest managers of malls in America. The card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The following are the most frequently asked questions about the Simon Malls Visa Gift Card:

1. Where can you buy the Simon Visa Gift Card?
You can purchase a Simon Visa Gift Card at or at any of the over 170 Simon Malls across the country. To find a Simon mall location near you, go to

2. What fees come with the Simon Visa Gift Card?
The Simon gift card comes with a monthly maintenance fee of $2.50 that is charged beginning the thirteenth month from the month of purchase. Gift Cards purchased before 8/31/2005 will be charged a monthly maintenance fee of $2.50 after the seventh month from the month of purchase.

3. Can you use the Simon Visa Gift Card for Online Shopping?
Yes, you can use the Simon Visa Gift Card to shop online; however, before you do that, you need to register your card by adding your name and billing address to the card. That way, the online merchant will be able to match the name and billing address you provide with the name and billing address on file for the Simon Visa Gift Card.

If your Simon Visa Gift Card was purchased on-line, then it is already registered, and needs to be activated before it can be used. However, if you purchased your Simon Visa Gift Card at a Simon mall, it has already been activated and needs to be registered. To register your Simon Visa Gift Card, go to
4. How can I check the balance on my Simon Visa Gift Card?
You can check the balance on your Simon Visa gift card online at You can also call the toll-free number located on the back of the card; or stop by the Simon Guest Services at your nearest Simon mall. You need the gift card number and the 3-digit code on back of the card to check the balance.

5. How Much Money Can You Load on a Simon Visa Gift Card?
You can purchase a Simon Visa Gift Card for any value between $20 and $500.

6. Is there an age limit to who can receive a Simon Visa Gift Card?
Yes, the Simon Visa Gift Card can be given to anyone 13 years or older.

7. Can I add more money to the Simon Giftcard?
No, but you can order a new Gift Card at or visit your local Simon Mall.

8. Can I use the Simon Visa Gift Card if the purchase amount is over the gift card limit?
Yes, you can but only in person at certain retail location. Before you do this, you should tell the cashier that you are going to be using two forms of payment for the transaction. You should then give the cashier your Simon Visa Gift Card first, and ask the cashier to charge the full amount on the card (which means you have to know exactly how much you have on the card). You can then present another form of payment (cash or credit card, or another Simon Visa Gift Card, if allowed) to pay for the balance.

If you fail to tell the cashier first and try to make a purchase for more than the amount on the Simon Visa Gift Card, the transaction will be declined because you don’t have enough money on your card.


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Simon Gift Card Explained


  1. Kissel vonKiester

    You charge a fee for YOUR beneficial holding a sum of money in float? What ails you people? I will NEVER visit a Simon Mall again!

    You have demonstrated your true heritage.

  2. Sharlene

    Both my husband and I were given Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards from our children, last Christmas (2008).

    Tonight, 10/17/09, our family of 7 went out to Carrabba’s Restaurant for dinner… our treat! My husband told the waitress that we would leave a cash tip at our table. He gave her our Simon Mall Visa Gift Card to pay the bill.

    A short time later, she returned to our table visibly upset and explained that the Card had just automatically added another 20% to our bill, thus putting the total amt now due … beyond the value of our $100 Simon Mall Visa Card. Thus, she said that they could not accept this Visa Gift Card as pmt.

    A couple months ago, I had taken my Simon Mall Visa Gift Card to our bank, and had asked them to please redeem the card… They handed the card back, plus gave me the full amt of the card in cash.

    When my next monthly statement arrived, I realized that the cash given to me by my bank’s teller, was instead a “Cash Advance, plus interest “… that I was now being charged for and expected to pay back. Argh!!

    Thankfully, I had not yet thrown away the Gift Card, although I fully believed that I had received its full cash value at the bank.

    So far we are not experiencing any satisfaction … in our effort to use these Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards. We hope to find some place which will accept them prior to the end of December 2009. If not … what can we do to redeem our 2008 Christmas Gifts (ie. Visa Cards) from our children???

  3. dznuggets

    I have an idea!! Go to a Simon mall or any mall and buy something with the card!!! omg, wow, what an idea! boohoo, if you want something to really complain about why don’t you add up the interest on your house….and see what you’re really paying…

  4. Greg Patrick

    The bank made an error in letting you get cash with the card. That was not suppose to happen and I am surprised it was approved. Also, the waiter should of still taken the card and done a split transaction. That was their mistake. It possible to late to do anything now. You can find out your balance online or by phone if you have any left. If the transaction shows $100 deducted from your bank. Your bank has no right to bill you for that unless Simon denied it later. Your bank can bill you $100 plus overdraft fee. The balance should be back on your card.

  5. Julia Knight

    In regards to the restaurant charging an automatic 20%…many restaurant goers do not know this. I worked in admin for a restaurant. It’s actually the company credit card processing centers that “Hold” 20% as a tip to ensure proper funds. After the batch is completely, it will then post on your account for the billed amount less any tip.

    Any time you use a credit card/gift card, if the amount is over your “limit/balance” you would need to inform the clerk, that you want a split transaction, with your balance of the gift card on one transaction and then you pay the balance of the transaction however you choose.
    I personally use the Simon Gift Cards for alot of things, and never have an issue. If you have questions, I suggest you go to a Simon Mall and ask a Customer Service Rep, I did, and was amazed at their knowledge!
    Also, don’t use them at pay-at-the pumps, the gas stations automatically charge a flat rate, and then your actual amount shows up 4-5 days later.

    Hope this helps

  6. I have a card which I won at an arcade last spring.When I tried to use it yesterday I was informed that I was charged $2.95 per month starting last April. The card has an expiration date of December 2010. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY A SERVICE CHARGE WHEN THIS CARD IS GOOD TILL DECEMBER?

  7. I’m certain there was a mistake on a transaction on my gift card. However, I called the phone number on the card twice and asked for a copy of all transactions. I was told to go to their website. Nothing doing. I am truly disgusted. They even want to charge me $15.00 to get a new card. Ridiculous. Does anybody know how I can get a copy of the transactions?

  8. soccergrl

    so basically evereyone is saying, if u dont use it as a simon mall, i dosnt work that well. i need to know cause i dont have a simon mall where i live

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