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American Express Serve Card Review

American Express Serve Card Review: No credit check, no activation fee, and no minimum balance. Accepted worldwide.

Where to buy an American Express Serve Card

The American Express Serve Card is sold at participating locations for the following retailers. Click to find the retailer locations nearest you.
• CVS/pharmacy®
• Duane Reade
• Family Dollar
• Fred’s Super Dollar
• Office Depot
• Sheetz
• Walgreens

"American Express Serve card"

How to check the balance on an American Express Serve Card

You can check your balance online, call customer service at 1-800-954-0559 or on your smart phone.
American Express Serve Mobile App
Use the American Express Serve Mobile App to check your balance and recent transactions, pay bills on the go, and send money to family or friends.

How to activate an American Express Serve Card

No activation is necessary. If you purchased a temporary card you can go online to get your personalized Serve card.

Can you set up Direct Deposit on an American Express Serve Card?

Yes, don’t wait to cash your paycheck or government benefits.

Where to buy an American Express Serve Card Online

Get an American Express reloadable prepaid account online

Can you use an American Express Serve Card to get cash from an ATM or cash back?

Yes, find an ATM near you

You may withdraw money for FREE from over 23,000 MoneyPass® ATMs in the US. If you withdraw money at a non-MoneyPass ATM, you will be charged a $2 fee to your Account at the time of withdrawal.3 In addition, ATM operator fees may apply.

How to reload an American Express Serve Card

Add money and use your Card for everyday purchases Add cash at the register for FREEacross 15,000 CVS/pharmacy® stores and participating 7 ELEVEN® locations. Or, you can add money with Direct Deposit, a bank account, or a debit or credit card.4 Then, use your Account to pay bills, buy groceries, and shop virtually anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted.
Mobile Check Capture
You can add checks into your American Express Serve Account using the American Express Serve® Mobile App.2 Take a picture of the front and back of the check and add to your Account.

How to replace a lost or stolen American Express Serve Card

If your Card is lost or stolen, you won’t be responsible for fraudulent Card charges. Shop with added confidence and Purchase Protection, which can help protect eligible purchases made with the Card against accidental damage and theft for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. Please read important exclusions and restrictions. Contact customer service at 1 800 954 0559.

Can you use an American Express Serve Card to pay bills?

Easily Pay Bills Online
Pay bills like your car payment or phone bill online. You’ll save time and postage by paying bills electronically (electronic transfers take as little as two days) and by storing payee information.

American Express Prepaid Card Review

American Express Prepaid Card Review:

"American Express"

Where to buy an American Express Prepaid Prepaid Card

Buy a temporary card at retailers such as CVS/pharmacy, Duane Reade, Family Dollar, Fred’s Super Dollar, Office Depot, Sheetz or Walgreens.

How to check the balance on an American Express Prepaid Card

Text “BAL” plus the last 4 Card number digits to 91315 (e.g. “BAL XXXX”), Data charges may apply. Visit the Website or call American Express Prepaid Card Customer Service at U.S. 1-866-207-7970 / INTERNATIONAL COLLECT 1-801-849-2000.

How to activate an American Express Prepaid Card

Activate your card by calling 1-866-207-7970. After you purchase a Card, you must also, register the Card, verify your email address and designate a personal password that you may use to sign in to the Website to check your Available Funds, view your transactional history (“Online Transaction History”), or designate a new Funding Source. You are responsible for keeping this password safe and you will need it every time you sign in to the portion of the Website that contains your personal Card data; we call this your Card Servicing Page.

Can you set up Direct Deposit on an American Express Prepaid Card?

Yes, you can have all or part of your paycheck added to the balance of your Card or to any Card(s) you ordered for someone else. Direct Deposit is a secure and convenient way to have funds automatically added to the Card each pay period. Please note, the Direct Deposit cannot exceed the $5,000 per Card maximum balance and monthly load limit. Please see the Cardmember Agreement for more details. How to use an American Express reloadable card to shop online You can use the card to make a purchase over the internet or by mail-order.

Where to buy an American Express Prepaid Card online

To purchase an American Express reloadable card online, go to the website. and fill out an order form.

Can you use an American Express Prepaid Card to get cash from an ATM or cash back?

Yes, the permanent American Express Prepaid Card can be used at an ATM. American Express does not charge an ATM fee for the first withdrawal in each calendar month. American Express charges $2.00 per ATM withdrawal thereafter, which is assessed against the Card balance. Please note: ATM owners/operators may charge their own fees for ATM transactions. The amount the American Express Prepaid Card User can withdraw depends on the available funds on the Card, but cannot exceed $400 per day. In the U.S., you can use the Card at most ATMs to access your available funds. If you plan on traveling internationally, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-207-7970 (International Collect 1-801-849-2000) to inquire about availability of ATM access abroad.

How to reload an American Express Prepaid Card

There are 3 easy ways to add money to the Card:

1. Direct Deposit.
2. Savings or Checking bank account.
3. Cash.

How to replace a lost or stolen American Express Prepaid Card

If the American Express Prepaid Card is lost or stolen, call Customer Service immediately at 1-866-207-7970 (International Collect 1-801-849-2000). We will replace your Card and transfer your remaining funds to a new Card at no charge. If you believe that an unauthorized transaction has occurred after your Card was lost or stolen, please call Customer Service at 1-866-207-7970 (International Collect 1-801-849-2000). You can also view the Cardmember Agreement. for more details in the section entitled Errors or Questions about Transactions related to the Card. If you funded the American Express Prepaid Card with a bank account, you will need to contact your bank immediately and open a dispute claim on any unauthorized withdrawals made to load the Card.

Can you use an American Express Prepaid Card to pay bills?

Yes, you can use your American Express prepaid card to pay bills, buy groceries, and shop virtually anywhere American Express Cards are accepted.

Walmart Bluebird American Express Debit Card

Walmart is introducing the Walmart Bluebird Prepaid American Express Debit Card, which is perhaps the most exciting Card introduced in a long time. Even though it is a Prepaid debit card, it is designed to be an alternative to checking account and debit cards.

The card has many of the features that you will find with a regular bank account and surprisingly, the fees associated with the card a quite low, which is going to make it very attractive to the unbanked and young people who do not necessarily want to go through the hassle of getting a regular bank account. Here are some of the key selling points:

The Walmart Bluebird Prepaid Card List of Fees:

  • No Activation Fees
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees
  • No Inactivity Fees
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Foreign Exchange Fees
  • No Replacement Fees
  • No Fee to load money onto the card via Direct Deposit
  • No Fee to load money onto the card at a Walmart Location
  • No Fee to load money onto the card from your checking account
  • No Overdraft (the card does not allow you to overdraw your account)
  • $2 fee for ATM Cash Withdrawal (no fee for in-network ATMs)
  • No Customer Service Fee
Here is a detailed list of the fees and charges associated with the card:
By far, this is the best prepaid debit card on the market and it will be very difficult to find a card out there that packs more consumer friendly features.

The card will go on sale soon at All Walmart Locations

Does the Bluebird Card Help Build Your Credit History?

Gift Cards Finally Go On Sale in Post Offices

A few months ago, there was an announcement that post offices will start selling gift cards in select locations nationwide. This week alone, an estimated 1800 locations are already participating reportedly and they are set to roll out to 3,000 more locations over the next three months.

USPS has teamed up with American Express to run a market trial focused on presenting consumers a different way to purchase cards and retail product, with the goal of bringing in extra revenue. The cards will be available in $25 and $50 amounts as well as a variable $25 to $100 option.

All the cards that will be sold at the USPS locations are “open loop” and are the type of cards that are accepted anywhere Credit or Debit cards are accepted. This unlike the specific store gift cards gives consumers a broader variety of spending options and in turn brings in more revenue. The gift cards are also being sold alongside greeting cards – already being sold- to take advantage of both avenues. USPS receives a portion of the purchase fee for the cards: $3.95 for the $25 card, rising to $5.95 for the variable-denomination card.

USPS plans to run this market trial for up to two years to test out the sale of gift cards. During the trial period, USPS will try out different price structures and can expand the test to include vendors other than American Express, which is just the first company to join the program.

In the US, the gift card market is thought to be worth around $86bn/year and for American Express is $1billion/year. First data reported that popularity of gift cards are rising again following a decline due to the recession. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards are the most requested gifts among American adults in the last 4 years.

American Express Launches New Prepaid Plastic

Over the past year, there has been significant growth in the credit card and debit card markets, but more in the latter. Credit card transactions grew by about 4% to $1.96 trillion while debit card transactions grew by almost 14% to over $1.8 trillion in the same time. American Express never really benefited from the growth like VISA and MasterCard did since they don’t issue debit cards, but in an attempt to gain some spoils of the growth, American Express has entered the prepaid card market.

The Card giants recently announced a new prepaid card that offers users the convenience of an American Express card without assuming additional credit by tapping into their already existing funds.

No limit on Transaction Fees.

One advantage American Express will play on is that unlike debit cards, there is no cap on transaction fees with Prepaid cards. Issuing banks often charge transaction fees on debit cards, but the Fed recently capped those fees at 12 cents per transactions from the percentage based fees charged in the past.

The fact that those caps don’t apply to prepaid cards have led to an increase in sale of prepaid cards by banks, up to about 35% rise in dollar volume of prepaid card transactions to $65 billion in 2010 from $48 billion in 2009.

It helps American Express grow its Cardmember base

Generally, American Express has a card member base considered to be the richest, which has shown over the years in how much money is spent by the average card holder. The higher income cardmember base also leads to lower defaults and allows American Express to charge merchants a higher transaction fee as American Express presents them consumers with a much higher spending power compared to others.

On the other hand, this limits growth in the number of card members. Prepaid cards enable American Express to expand its cardmember base beyond its current “well to do” customers while increasing the number of transactions.

Free $25 American Express Gift Card from Avis

Avis is offering a free $25 American Express gift card when you use your American Express card to rent a car at any Neighborhood Avis location. You also save up to 25% on your car rental. You must pay with any American Express Card to qualify for the savings and rewards card offer. Gift Cards are available while supplies last. Click here for details.

Where to buy American Express gift cards (In-Person)


American Express (Amex) gift cards can be purchased in-person at the following drug stores and supermarkets (grocery stores). (Updated 10/27/2011)

Drug Stores

Duane Reade
Longs Drugs
Rite Aid

Grocery Stores/Supermarkets

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Using Visa or American Express Gift Cards to Shop Online

This Post is about how you can use the Visa or American Express Gift Cards to Shop Online. For a List of Popular Visa Gift Cards that you can use to shop online, pay bills, and get cash at ATMs, etc, see below.

One of the most asked gift card questions, particularly on Yahoo Answers is whether you can use a Visa or any other bank issued gift card (American Express, Discover, or MasterCard) to shop online. The answer is yes.

However, there are additional steps you have to take to prevent your card from being rejected by the merchant. The problem with using Visa (or any other bank issued) gift card online is that there is no verifiable name and address associated with the card. When buying things online, most merchants want your name and billing address to match the name and address you have on file with your card (credit, debit, or bank gift card) issuer.

Therefore, before you use your Visa or other bank issued gift card, call the merchant/financial institution that issued the card or go to their website and add your name and address to the card. This will ensure that when you use the card online, the name and address you provide to the merchant for billing will match the name and address on file for the card. Once you have registered your card, you can use it online just like you would use a regular credit card.

If your information (name and address) has changed since you registered your Visa gift card, call the card issuer or go online and update your information before you use the card online.

Check the balance on Visa gift card or American Express gift card balance. Gift Card Balance Now also allows you to check gift card balance to over 500 merchants.

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