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Military Discounts

With over 1.5 million Americans actively serving in the military today and over 800k enlisted in the Reserves, it’s important to give back to those who give up so much for our country. Members of every military branch deserve to be rewarded for their dedicated service. With so many Americans sacrificing so much for the betterment of our country, it’s nice to know that many American businesses offer extra discounts for members of the US military as a special thanks for their service. greatly values the sacrifices that military personal make every day. As a way of saying thanks, we have compiled a list of discounts from popular American merchants that offer discounts to any person in the US military.

If you know any others and want to share, please leave a comment below.

Most Popular Military Discounts

 Save 10% on your meal purchase

Discounts available with valid Military ID

Receive a discount when you bring your valid Military ID. Discounts vary depending on the store.

Receive a discount with a valid Military ID, discounts vary depending on location

Save 10% on your purchase

Discounts vary but go up to 15% on certain days with valid Military ID

Get a discounted ticket with a valid Military ID

Get 10% off on all parts

Save 10% when your bring in your Military ID

By Category


  • Applebee’s- 10% off your purchase
  • Arby’s – 10% off at most locations
  • A&W- 10% off at most locations
  • Back Yard Burgers-10% off at most locations
  • Burger King- 10% off at most locations
  • Captain D- 10% off at most locations
  • Carl’s Jr.- 10% off at most locations
  • Chick-Fil-A- 10% off at most locations
  • Chipotle- 10% off at most locations
  • Denny’s- 10% off at most locations
  • Dunkin’ Donuts- 10% off at most locations
  • Five Guys- 10% off at most locations
  • Golden Corral- FREE meal on Military Appreciation day (around Veterans Day)
  • IHOP- 10% off at most locations
  • KFC- 10% off at most locations
  • Krispy Kreme- 10% off at most locations
  • Long John Silver’s- 10% off at most locations
  • Pizza Hut- 10% off at most locations
  • Quizno’s- 10% off at most locations
  • Raising Cane’s Chicken
  • Red Robin- 10% off at most locations
  • Sizzler- 10% off at most locations
  • Taco Bell- 10% off at most locations
  • Texas Roadhouse- 10% off at most locations
  • Wendy’s- 10% off at most locations
  • Wing Zone- 10% off at most locations

Clothing and Shoes

  • Aeropostale- receive a 20% discount at participating locations
  • Dress Barn- discounts vary by location
  • The Finish Line- Save 20% at participating locations
  • Foot Action- save 10% at participating locations
  • Foot Locker- save 10% at participating locations
  • Goody’s- save 15%
  • Hot Topic-10% saving by calling Hot Topic’s customer service number toplace your order
  • Jockey- save 10% on your purchases
  • Lerner- Save 15% when you bring in your Military ID.
  • New York & Company- save 15% on your purchase
  • Rack Room Shoes- save 10% at most locations
  • Timberland Outlets (active duty only) Get a 20% discount with an active duty Military ID.
  • Wilson’s Leather- save 10%


  • Alamo- save 5-15% on your car rental
  • Alaskan Frontier Gardens- save 5-10%
  • American Airlines- Received discounted airfares
  • Amtrak- save 10%
  • Best Western- Discounts vary depending on room availability
  • Budget Car Rentals- up to 25% off your rental
  • Busch Gardens- save money through the “Here’s to the Heros” program
  • Comfort Inn- discounts vary upon location
  • Disney- currently running a “Let the Memories Begin” Military discount program
  • Enterprise- Discounts vary upon location
  • GreyHound- 10% off on all walk up fares
  • Hertz- receive special discounts on your car rental
  • Kings Dominion- Receive a discounted ticket
  • Ramada- save 15-30% with Military ID
  • Sea World- receive a one day complimentary pass
  • Six Flags- Receive a discounted ticket with Military ID
  • SouthWest Airlines- receive discounts on checked bag fees
  • United Airlines- receive discounts on airfare
  • Universal Studios- reduced ticket prices with Military ID

Thanks to all who served and are serving in our Military from!!!!!!!




New Style Auction Sites Selling Discounted Gift Cards

Recently, many new style auction sites have been popping up all over the internet. These Auction sites, like are very different from traditional sites like eBay. Most people are familiar with how eBay works, even if you’ve never used it before. You place you bid on an item you want to purchase and whoever out bids the other guy, is the winner.

Sites like Bidzillion work in a very different way. Let me start by saying that these sites claim you can buy brand new items at up to 99% off retail price. And after doing some research, it does appear that this is possible. However, in order to place a bid, you must first buy a “package” of bids. These can range anywhere from $15.00 for 20 bids, to $500.00 for 1,000 bids.

So, before you can even attempt to bid on an item, your spending money. The way the auction works is very different from traditional auction sites as well. All the items, which is typically about 30-50 items available to bid on, have a countdown timer displayed which typically lasts about 6 to 9 hours. Usually, there is no action on the items until minutes before the auction is ending.

So, as an item I was interested in, a $100 American Express Gift Card came down to about 5 minutes left. I placed a bid. The way the bidding works is that every bid is 1 penny more than the last. So at the time of my bid there was .15 cents already placed. I placed my bid, took it up to 16 cents and anxiously awaited my gift card.

However, shortly after, I was out bided by another cent! I bid again, and then so did somebody else. What eventually happened is that as the timer goes down, someone would place a last second bid, and then the timer restarts! It restarts at a 10 second count down, so every 10 seconds someone would throw a bid on it, over and over again restarting the timer!

This went on for hours, in fact about 2 hours until the auction finally ended. As a result the gift card cost got up to around 8.oo, but I had placed my last bid hours ago.

The only way this style auction would be useful, is if you had hours to sit around and spend watching the bids, making sure you are the last one bidding. After the money it costs to actually buy the bids and the time it takes to win the auction, I can conclude that this was a big waste of time and money!

It’s almost impossible to get the item you’re actually interested and buying bids is expensive. If you’re looking to buy discounted gift cards, or discounted anything; in my opinion its best to stick with websites who offer set discounts on these items in a straight forward, easy manner.

Discount McDonald’s Gift Cards – 10% Off and More

Here is a way to save money and indulge in a guilty pleasure. GiftCardRescue has McDonald’s gift cards at 10% off while supplies last. You know you’ve been craving a Bic Mac or McCafe. Click here to buy one. You can also see our entire list of restaurant gift cards here.

To Buy Gift Cards to your favorite stores, up to 30% off, see our complete list. You can also get gift card codes emailed to you if you prefer to shop online. Contact’s customer service for details.

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Gifts for Him

Finding the right gift for a member of the male species can sometimes be as difficult as open heart surgery. Common male responses to the question “What do you want for Christmas?” fall anywhere from “I dunno” to “Just get me something you think I’ll like” to “You don’t need to get me anything”. In some instances, waterboard interrogation wouldn’t draw a sufficient answer.

A good rule of thumb to follow when buying gifts for the men in your life is, if it involves speed, explosions or flashy gadgetry, chances are you’re on the right track. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Stock Car Ride Along: What man hasn’t dreamt of zooming around a race track in a million dollar horsepower machine. Now that dream is possible. With a stock car ride along, you get the opportunity to sit shotgun in a Sprint Cup type stock car, driven by a professional. This is a must have for those men with a need for speed.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: From the moment it hit shelves, the newest installment in the Call of Duty video game line has been a smash success. The cold war flavored shooter available in console or PC format is sure to be a hit gift this year. The only problem will be ungluing your gamer’s fingers from the controller. For an extra kick, pick up the Prestige Edition, complete with game inspired remote control car.

Round of Golf at TPC Sawgrass: Home of the Players Championship, the Stadium course at TPC Sawgrass is every golfers dream round. Sawgrass is one of the most affordable tour quality courses that allows public play and located in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, makes for a great weekend getaway trip.

Blu Ray Player: Blu Ray has become a must have for the avid movie junkie. With Blu Ray player technology becoming more mainstream, prices are as affordable as ever, with recent pricing seen as low as $79 or less. Couple the disc player with a few new releases like Inception or The Town for a great gift bundle.

NFL Tickets: Professional football is a staple pastime for men all over the country. What better way to watch the game than to enjoy a Sunday afternoon at the stadium. With the NFL’s new ticket exchange, it is now easier than ever to find tickets for your favorite team. offers discount gift cards to over 300 top retailers. With gift cards to stores such as NLF Shop, Bass Pro Shops, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can be sure to find the perfect gift card for the man in your life. For a full list of discount gift cards, please visit our Buy Gift Cards page.

Cheap Gift Cards At Gift Card Rescue

The convenience and ease of gifts cards has made them a hot selling item this holiday season, with everyone from grocery stores to gas stations getting in on the action. Gift cards have become the number one gift idea among consumers in recent years. With so many gift cards floating around these days, it’s easy to see how many of them go unused every year. It’s estimated that  nearly 20% of gift cards are never cashed in, until now. allows consumers to get money back by selling unwanted and unused gift cards. That means for all the bargain shoppers out there looking for deals on gift cards, GiftCardRescue is the place to go. Selling discount gift cards from hundreds of retailers at up to 30% off, it is easy to find the perfect gift for those on your list at a fraction of the price. Put great gift cards in the hands of your family and friends, and money back in your pocket, by shopping online at

Gift Card Mall

Gift cards are expected to be the most wanted gifts this year and more people are looking to buy gift cards following the new laws passed in late August 2010. Many times however, people end up at malls, brand stores, etc.,when they are looking to buy gift cards, unaware of the opportunities available online to buy discounted gift cards.

Gift card malls aren’t always the best shopping destination for gift cards since they usually don’t present the opportunity for discounts on these cards. is an online marketplace for people to buy and sell gift cards at discounted prices. With GiftCardRescue, you as the shopper can be sure to save up to 30% off the face value. The way the site operates is very straight forward, GiftCardRescue buys gift cards from people who have no need for then, verifies them and then resells those cards on its website.

Discounted gift cards are an added opportunity to save and be frugal when buying gifts for friends and family. Combined with coupons and promotions, shoppers can end up saving more than 50% of they would have spent. For people looking to sell gift cards and those looking to buy gift cards, check out today and start saving money.

Gift Card Exchange Ideas

Gift cards are tipped to be the number one gift of choice this holidays, and while there will be a lot of appreciative recipients, there will always be those situations where you receive gift cards to places you don’t like and wish you could exchange them for something more your type.

GiftCardRescue is an online marketplace that shares Gift card exchange ideas with its users on their blog or through their newsletter. The site lets people trade their unwanted gift cards for cash or buy gift cards at discounted prices. Another possibility is trading the unwanted gift cards for Amazon credit.

When exchanging gift cards, it’s important to try to make the most of the trade, how much value should you trade your gift card for? When is the best time to trade gift cards? What are the dangers involved with some of these gift cards? GiftCardRescue answers these questions and many more on its blog.

Discount Gift Cards for Sale

Giving that up to 25% of people that receive gift cards annually either don’t patronize the store they got the card to or because they would rather just have cash to spend on other things, it should come as no surprise that $8 billion of about $60 billion exchanged in gift cards each year go unused. This ultimately means people will be more willing to trade them for other gift cards or for cash at discounted prices.

GiftCardRescue is an online marketplace for people to find discounted gift cards for sale. The company is based in Ellicott city and launched in January, 2008. The mode of operation is pretty straight forward, the company buys gift cards at discounted prices and sells them on its website for up to 30% off. The site also allows people to sell them gift cards in bulk.

GiftCardRescue brands itself not just as a platform to trade gift cards, it also boasts of the top gift card blog around. Daily, the blog is updated with shopping tips, gift ideas, gift card trends and much more.

Gift Cards for Less

Gift cards are quickly becoming a preferred gift option among consumers, providing convenience for those who purchase them and recipients alike. Yet with more emphasis on spending frugally in the current economic climate, shoppers are looking for ways to get more for their dollar.

Enter GiftCardRescue, the premier webstore for discount gift cards. With GiftCardRescue, consumers can shop for discount gift cards up to 30% off. With hundreds of retailers to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect gift card for someone on your list. What’s more, you can use discount gift cards from GiftCardRescue to double your savings when shopping. By combining the discounted gift card with in store promotions such as coupons and sales ads, the savings can be huge.

To browse for discount gift cards with GiftCardRescue, simply follow the link to the Buy Page. If a particular item is not in stock that you would like, we encourage you to create a wishlist, as new cards are listed daily. With the wishlist, you will recieve email updates as soon as gift cards on your list are posted.

Gift card exchange for cash

Do you have a stash of gift cards you don’t have use for? A recent study showed that the average American household has $300 in unused gift cards lying around in sock draws, pocket books, and wallets. GiftCardRescue provides an easy, safe and fast way to turn these unwanted/unused gift cards into cash.You can get up to 90% cash back for your unwanted gift card. To see how much your gift card is worth, click here to get a quote.

Here are three reasons why you should sell to GiftCardRescue

  1. Fast Payment – When you sell your gift card to GiftCardRescue, your payment is sent within 48 hours upon receipt of your cards. You can even get your payment faster when you exchange your gift cards for credit (we also pay 5% more money with this option)
  2. Safe and Secure – Selling your gift cards on eBay or Craigslist means you will be dealing with people you don’t know, and the potential for fraud is greater. With, you will be selling to a reputable company. We are in our third year of business and have the best customer support team in the industry. If you have any question, call us at 1-877-800-4413 and yes, we do pick up the phone.
  3. Reputable – Don’t just take our word for it. GiftCardRescue has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, CNBC, Forbes, NPR, The Early Show on CBS, Good Morning America on ABC, and many other leading publications. Check out our full media coverage page here.

We are confident that once you do business with us, you will come back to us for all your gift card needs, including our extensive volume of discounted gift cards of up to 30% off.

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