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How to Check Balance of Coldwater Creek Gift Card

Coldwater Creek gift cards are redeemable at all Coldwater Creek locations, as well as online at Coldwater Creek gift cards do not have expiration dates or fees.

Check Coldwater Creek Gift Card Balance

There are two options available to obtain your Coldwater Creek gift card balance. Balances can either be checked:

*It is important to have both your gift card number and if applicable, the pin associated with it in order to retrieve your balance.

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New Gift Card Laws- How They Affect Your Holiday Shopping

CARD act helps protect consumers from fees and restrictions

Gift card shopping is in full swing with the holiday season upon us. As of August 2010, the CARD act, a new gift card legislation has been put in place to ensure that consumers are protected against costly gift card restrictions. Here are some key points you might like to know about the new legislation.

What cards are covered?

All store specific gift cards, as well as prepaid gift cards such as Visa, Mastercard, etc., are covered under the new legislation. This does not include reloadable prepaid cards, such as the Walmart MoneyCard, which are intended as a checking account substitute. Also reward or bonus cards are not included under the new laws.

Expiration dates:

All gift cards that fall under the previously stated requirements are now required to have at least a five year expiration period. Also any amount added to the card at a later date must also be protected for five years.


According to the new legislation, all fees associated with a particular gift card must be clearly stated on the gift card itself and/or its packaging. New limits on fees have also been applied pertaining to things such as inactivity, usage and maintenance. Some fees, even if limited, still may apply. Check your gift card and packaging before purchasing to make sure.

Replacement cards:

Consumers are now entitled to replacement cards for expired gift cards. For example, if a gift card has reached its expiration date, yet still has funds associated with, merchants are now required to offer replacement cards at no charge.

With these new laws in place, consumers can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing their gifts will be protected and allowing you to shop with confidence. Keep in mind cards purchased prior to August 22, 2010 may still be subject to previous fees and restrictions. These gift cards can be redeemed for cash before they expire at GiftCardRescue, and as always, discount gift cards can be purchased for up to 30% off.

New Changes to Gift Card Laws by Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve announced Monday that they were proposing new legislation that would limit the fees and expiration dates of retail gift cards. The main changes focus in on retailers no longer being able to charge fees for owners who using used their gift cards in the previous year.

This directly benefits the consumer because as long as after you buy the gift card and use a portion of it towards any purchase, the establishment cannot charge you any maintenance fees. It’s also rumored that gift cards will now be valid for a period of up to five years.

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Michigan to make gift cards last 5 years

Gift card expiration is a pain. It creeps up on you when you least expect it, and takes with it the entire value of your gift card. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know by now that i am an advocate for extending or eliminating gift card expiration (and fees, but that’s for another day).

That is why I am very excited about this story in Business Week stating that the Michigan Legislature has passed a bill requiring stores to accept gift cards and certificates for at least five years after selling them. The measure is expected to be signed by the Governor into law once the House signs off on changes. It will take effect on November 1, 2008.

If you live in Michigan and are interested in having this bill become law, now is a good time to call or email your state representative. The bills also would prohibit inactivity fees and fees related to buying a gift certificate. Bravo Michigan!!

Gift Card Fees – The gift that keeps on taking

As you may know, I am very much against gift card fees and expiration of all forms. That is one of the reasons why i created the Gift Card Guide to help keep you informed before purchasing a gift card. Below is a YouTube video from ABC affiliate station WISN in Milwaukee,WI about how gift card issuers are raping consumers with gift card fees and expiration. The report is from last november but the message is still relevant. Take a look.

What has been your experience with Gift Card fees? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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