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Is Legit?

One of the questions we get every now and then at is whether we are a legit (legitimate/trustworthy) organization. We even get phone calls about it.

Here are a few things you should know about us:
1. We are currently in our 5th year of business
2. We provide the best customer service in the industry. Don’t take our word for it – call us (1-877-800-4413) 9 out of 10 times, you will be talking to a person. On those rare occasions when our phone is busy, leave us a message or email us and you will get a response within 1 business day. We love talking to our customers and getting your feedback, so feel free to contact us.
3. Unlike other sites, we stand behind our gift cards 100%. All the cards we re-sell are thoroughly verified to ensure the balance is there. However, should you have any problem with an order, simply call us and we will make it right. Check out our return policy.

We can go on and on about how great of a company we are. But we want you to be confident when buying or selling your gift cards to us. Check out what our customers are saying through these video testimonials or see our media coverage, which is archived by year by clicking here.

We know you will come back to us for all your gift card needs once you try our service – Give us an opportunity to earn your business and you will be happy you did.

E-Gift Cards Rising In Popularity

A Continuous Phenomenon

Day by day, e-gift cards are growing in popularity and retailers are jumping on the bandwagon. This is revolutionizing gift giving in many ways, essentially driving gift card exchange behind the scenes.

E-gift cards are popping up in multiple forms. Most retailers are turning to the e-mail recipient method however many can be brought up on a smartphone. Amazon even provides a facebook delivery method which may very well be the method of the future.

In most cases, one can set a delivery time for these gift card transactions making things very easy for gift card consumers.

By The Numbers released an annual gift card survey last November which found that 51 percent of 63 popular gift cards it reviewed offered an e-card option which was 10% higher than the previous calendar year.  Of the 45 retailers surveyed, 26 had e-card options including the like of Macy’s, Starbucks, Best Buy, and Target.

Rebekka Rea, executive director at the Retail Gift Card Association said “Retailers are adding them in droves,”  and that “It’s definitely something that if retailers don’t have now, they are behind.”

But why you might ask? Just imagine that you remember your brother’s birthday is tomorrow and you need to get him a gift card 5 states away. Why not drop something nice in his inbox at ease and your convenience?

Another negative of hard plastic gift cards is the cost. Some retailers are charging hard card fees as well as any shipping charges you may face online.

Chief executive of, David Stone said “There are two reasons why consumers don’t use gift cards today. We don’t have time to go to the store or wait for the plastic to be shipped and they’re not personal enough”.

With technological development comes market advancements. The world of e-gifting is growing rapidly and is sure to continue peaking. As more retailers make this option available, we as consumers continue to reap the benefits of this change.

Popular Retailers Who Offer E-Gift Cards

Choices to Make When Buying Gift Cards

The National Retail Federation pointed out that 80% of all consumers will buy a gift card this holiday season. It’s important that when buying a gift card for someone that you know more about the card, terms and conditions and what merchants are the most popular. You want to make sure that the gift card that you buy ends up being used and does not end up on a gift card exchange website.

Open Loop vs Closed Loop

An open loop gift card comes with very few restrictions and can be used universally at almost any merchant. Common open-loop gift cards include; Visa Gift Cards, AMEX Gift Cards, and Prepaid Debit Cards. It is important to note that open loop gift cards will often come with fees and charges that are not found with closed loop gift cards. The most popular option for open loop gift cards is probably the Vanilla Visa gift card.

Prepaid Visa Cards Are the #1 Open Loop Cards

Closed loop gift cards are restricted for use at the merchant that they were purchased for. For example a McDonald’s gift card can only be used at McDonald’s locations and nowhere else. Some closed loop gift cards have multiple uses and can be used at all of a corporations different brands. The Gap Gift Card can be used at Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piperlime. While the Olive Garden gift card can also be used at Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze, LongHorn Steakhouse and the Capital Grille.

Top Rated Gift Cards

It’s important when buying a gift card that you choose one that is easy to be redeemed, comes with a variety of options and does not expire. The most popular gift cards for 2011 were Walmart, and Target. Picking any of these gift cards will definitely leave the recipient happy because they can spend the balance on almost anything.

If you choose a gift card on this list, then you are almost guaranteed to make that persons day. We also like to recommend gift cards like Starbucks, McDonald’s and the Apple Store.


Apple Unveils Gift Card Exchange Program

Do you have a bunch of old Apple gadgets laying around? Did you buy the iPad 2 or a new iPhone with your old Apple product still at your house? If you’re not currently using that product you can actually exchange it for an Apple gift card. Apple’s new gift card exchange program really has consumers excited because people who like to buy the newest products can just trade in their old ones for a dramatic discount off of the new item. The Apple gift card you recieve can be redeemed for anything at the Apple store [locator], on iTunes for media, or even on the APP store for new games and applications for your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

Trade your iPhone or iPad for a new gift card

The original iPad in the 32 gigabyte form with Wi-Fi in perfect condition will net you a $180 gift card. If there is a minor amount of damage to the iPad then you will get a $115 gift card. It’s very easy to maintain the pristine condition of your Apple products with one of the great cases or other screen protectors. You can use this trade in calculator found on the Apple website to see how much you will get for your used Apple products. The offer made on the website is not permanent and they will actually have to verify your product in-store before you will receive any sort of exchange.

You do have other options as well for selling your unwanted Apple products. You can sell electronics for cash at websites like BuyMyTronics or Gazelle who will pay you to ship your products to them. Some of these websites will pay up to $250 for the same iPad that Apple will give you $180 for. Cash is definitely better than having a gift card, but as a consume it’s important to do your own research before you decide to exchange your electronics.

Previously Apple only offered to recycle old computers for a fee or free if you were buying a new iMac in store that day. But now with the gift card exchange program you can swap any of your old Apple products for a brand new gift card. They even offer options to trade in off branded products like any computer that is powered by an Intel Core 2 Quad 3.2 ghz processor will net you a cool $108 gift card. This is because Apple will recycle the hardware inside of the computer to use for other products.

Amazon Trade-In Expands to Electronics

Amazon recently upgraded their trade-in program to include electronics like Apple iPads, Android Phones, Digital Cameras and GPS Units. Previously the trade in program only offered movie, book, and game trade-ins for gift cards. The move puts Amazon in direct competition with companies like Gazelle or BuyMyTronics. While the gift card exchanges are actually handled by a third party merchant, Amazon acts as a drop-off point or middleman in the transaction. This is similar to how Gazelle has expanded their presence into stores like Office Depot.

According to an article by PCMag, Amazon is not allowing customers to exchange e-readers of any kind which includes the Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook. It appears that by not accepting E-Readers into the trade in program, Amazon is attempting to avoid creating a secondary market around one of their top selling products. This is to ensure that people continue to buy new versions of the Kindle and not used models that they do not profit from.

How does Trade-In Work?

  • First visit the Amazon Trade-In website and select your item.
  • Depending on the item, model, and condition your payout will vary. Example – An Apple iPad 2 that’s in good condition has a value of $275.00.
  • If you find the deal acceptable click continue and select the Free UPS drop off.
  • Print the UPS shipping label, drop the item off at your local UPS store, and you’re done.

You can track the status of your trade-in from the website at any time. It’s a very nice feature to be able to track your package, especially when you are shipping something of high value. The entire process should take around 5-8 business days and you will receive an email from Amazon when the funds are deposited into your account.

I expect the electronics trade in program to continue to grow due to consumers desire for new technology and massive popularity of the Amazon gift card. If you have exchanged an item with Amazon for a gift card, leave a comment about your experience below and we will feature it in this post.

Exchange Coins for Gift Cards at Coinstar

Did you know that at your local Coinstar you can trade in your unwanted change and convert them into gift cards? It’s a simple and easy process which will now be available at over 1,400 Safeway locations in the United States and Canada. If there are no Safeway’s nearby you can always use the Coinstar locator and find a kiosk near you.

There are a ton of different gift card partners for Coinstar including Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Lowe’s, and Old Navy. One of the benefits of gift card exchange at Coinstar is that there is no fee for using that service. If you decide to choose the cash option instead of gift card exchange you will lose a percentage due to fees, so it makes more sense to trade in for a gift card.

How to Exchange Coins for Gift Cards at Coinstar

1.) Collect all of the coins you have. You don’t have to worry about organizing them because you can just dump them all into the machine. Some great places to look for extra coins are in your car, under the cushions on the couch, or in your desk.

2.) Visit your local Coinstar Kisok. They are easy to locate and even simpler to use.

3.) Follow the instructions as provided on screen and select what gift card you’d like. Remember that cashing in your coins for a gift card is free but choosing the cash option will result in a fee.

Coinstar Commercial advertising Gift Card Exchange

Gift Card Exchange on Craigslist

Craiglist is one of the most valuable resources on the internet. The free classifieds webpage allows users to find and sell almost anything from cars and boats to vacation properties. It is also very common today for people to exchange gift cards through craigslist. Because of the economy people are willing to trade their gift cards for items of much lesser value. Here is an example of someone trying to sell a Barney’s Gift Card that is valued at $1,000 for $850. This seems like a very good deal for 15% off at Barney’s but there are a few things that you should watch out for when doing gift card exchange on craigslist.

Craigslist Gift Card Exchange Tips

1.) Gift Cards purchased illegally. Sometimes people will use a stolen credit card to buy a lot of gift cards. They will then try to sell the gift cards for cash quickly. Always ask questions before you buy or exchange anything for any gift cards found on craigslist. The gift card may have the balance originally, but when the user reports the credit card as stolen the balance is removed.

2.) Merchandise credit. Depending on the merchant, the rules for using merchandise credit can vary dramatically and sometimes it can only be used by the person who originally returned the items. You do not want to purchase a gift card thinking that you can use it and have it be limited to only the person who sold it to you.

3.) Gift card copies. A more sophisticated method of gift card fraud involves actually making a copy of the card including the magnetic strip. Everything for the gift card will work fine, but whoever uses their copy of it first will be the only one who is actually able to use it. A couple of signs that a gift card has been copied or duplicated is if the plastic is thinner, wording is off, or colors may be different. Be wary for gift card copies.

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Gifts for Him

Finding the right gift for a member of the male species can sometimes be as difficult as open heart surgery. Common male responses to the question “What do you want for Christmas?” fall anywhere from “I dunno” to “Just get me something you think I’ll like” to “You don’t need to get me anything”. In some instances, waterboard interrogation wouldn’t draw a sufficient answer.

A good rule of thumb to follow when buying gifts for the men in your life is, if it involves speed, explosions or flashy gadgetry, chances are you’re on the right track. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Stock Car Ride Along: What man hasn’t dreamt of zooming around a race track in a million dollar horsepower machine. Now that dream is possible. With a stock car ride along, you get the opportunity to sit shotgun in a Sprint Cup type stock car, driven by a professional. This is a must have for those men with a need for speed.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: From the moment it hit shelves, the newest installment in the Call of Duty video game line has been a smash success. The cold war flavored shooter available in console or PC format is sure to be a hit gift this year. The only problem will be ungluing your gamer’s fingers from the controller. For an extra kick, pick up the Prestige Edition, complete with game inspired remote control car.

Round of Golf at TPC Sawgrass: Home of the Players Championship, the Stadium course at TPC Sawgrass is every golfers dream round. Sawgrass is one of the most affordable tour quality courses that allows public play and located in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, makes for a great weekend getaway trip.

Blu Ray Player: Blu Ray has become a must have for the avid movie junkie. With Blu Ray player technology becoming more mainstream, prices are as affordable as ever, with recent pricing seen as low as $79 or less. Couple the disc player with a few new releases like Inception or The Town for a great gift bundle.

NFL Tickets: Professional football is a staple pastime for men all over the country. What better way to watch the game than to enjoy a Sunday afternoon at the stadium. With the NFL’s new ticket exchange, it is now easier than ever to find tickets for your favorite team. offers discount gift cards to over 300 top retailers. With gift cards to stores such as NLF Shop, Bass Pro Shops, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can be sure to find the perfect gift card for the man in your life. For a full list of discount gift cards, please visit our Buy Gift Cards page.

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Tech Gifts

Last minute holiday shopping has become for many, an inevitable venture. Late nights scouring the local shopping mall, or countless hours combing the web can be as unavoidable as holiday weight gains. Fortunately, GiftCardRescue is here to help, offering gift ideas each day to help make your crunch time search a bit easier. Today we will be discussing five top technology gifts this holiday season, sure to satisfy those tech savvy individuals on your shopping list.

Top Five Tech Gifts

Android Smart Phone- Android devices are the hottest item in the smart phone world, and can be had for next to nothing on a few of the major carriers. Sites such as,, and now even Best Buy are offering phones such as the htc Droid Incredible, Samsung Captivate and LG Optimus for $.01 or even free with a 2 year contract. For children or spouses looking for a new smart phone for Christmas, these deals are hard to pass up. Android smart phones will however require a data plan.

Flip ultraHD Video Camera- With Youtube and video logs taking the world by storm, many consumers have begun to hoist the camcorder. Whether you are a Youtube power user, or simply want a great video camera to document your family vacation, the Flip ultraHD video camera is a great option. The compact video recorder can easily be stored in your pocket and can record in 720p HD quality at 60 frames per second.

Kindle- E-readers are a hot gift item this year, and at the forefront of the pack is the Amazon Kindle. At only $139 for the Wi-Fi, or $199 for the Free 3G package, the Kindle is the top contender for all around e-readers. The Amazon Kindle features a new, sleek redesign, and features a full keyboard. The nice thing about Amazon is, all of your e-books are able to be easily transfered between smartphones and other devices, free of charge. We recommend the 3G version for instant access for book purchase, no matter where you are.

Xbox Kinect- The Kinect system is the latest in the motion sensory video game trend. That being said, the Kinect is above and beyond the rest of the pack. With no peripherals or controllers needed, users are truly in control of the game. Kinect ready games are limited for now, but Xbox is expected to make a strong push in this market in the near future.

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset- With many states implementing new laws to ban cell phone use in cars, blue tooth headsets are making a strong comeback. The blue tooth devices released by Jawbone are the cream of the crop. Featuring sleek, trending styling, these headsets are perfect for the hipster on your list, and with features such as wind and noise cancellation, Jawbone devices are more than just looks. offers discount gift cards to many top tech and electronics retailers including Best Buy, RadioShack and Sears, at up to 30% off face value. Supplemented with ongoing holiday sales and coupons, discount gift cards can provide powerful savings. For a full list of discount gift cards, visit our Buy Gift Cards page.

Cheap Gift Cards At Gift Card Rescue

The convenience and ease of gifts cards has made them a hot selling item this holiday season, with everyone from grocery stores to gas stations getting in on the action. Gift cards have become the number one gift idea among consumers in recent years. With so many gift cards floating around these days, it’s easy to see how many of them go unused every year. It’s estimated that  nearly 20% of gift cards are never cashed in, until now. allows consumers to get money back by selling unwanted and unused gift cards. That means for all the bargain shoppers out there looking for deals on gift cards, GiftCardRescue is the place to go. Selling discount gift cards from hundreds of retailers at up to 30% off, it is easy to find the perfect gift for those on your list at a fraction of the price. Put great gift cards in the hands of your family and friends, and money back in your pocket, by shopping online at

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