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Vanilla Visa Card Review

Vanilla Visa Card Review:

"Vanilla Visa"

Where to buy a Vanilla Visa Card

Find a Vanilla Reload Network retailer at one of these select locations or go to find more locations near you.

How to check the balance on a Vanilla Visa Card

You can check your account history by either logging into your online account or by calling Customer Care 1-877-429-8140.

How to activate a Vanilla Visa Card

When your Card arrives, simply call 1-855-686-9513 to activate or go online and create your account. Follow the printed activation instructions that arrive with your Card.

Can you set up Direct Deposit on a Vanilla Visa Gift?

Yes, Log in to your account to set up direct deposit.

Where to buy a Vanilla Visa Card Online

Apply for your MyVanilla Visa online

Can you use a Vanilla Visa Card to get cash from an ATM or cash back?

Yes, you can load a maximum of $500.00 per day onto your Card, and there is a $2,500.00 total maximum deposit limit per day from all deposit sources (loads and ACH direct deposits). The daily ATM withdrawal limit is $400.00. Please review the online Cardholder Agreement for the most up–to–date information about your MyVanilla Card.

How to reload a Vanilla Visa Card

Visit or call 1-877-429-8140 to apply the funds to your Card. All you’ll need is your prepaid card number and the PIN located on the back of your Vanilla Prepaid Reload.

How to replace a lost or stolen Vanilla Visa Card

You should sign the back of your Card upon receipt for your protection. Report a lost or stolen card immediately by calling Customer Care at 1-855-686-9513. Please refer to the Cardholder Agreement provided with your Card for additional details.

Can you use a Vanilla Visa Card to pay bills?

Yes, you can set up reoccurring payments

Visa RushCard Review

Visa RushCard Review:

"Visa RushCard"

Where to buy a Rush Card

The RushCard Live is a reloadable prepaid Visa debit card that you can use anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The card is reloadable and you can receive a personalized card with your name on it. Use it to shop online, pay bills, and make all your purchases. Your registered card is safer than cash. You can pick up a card now at thousands of retail locations nationwide. FIND LOCATION

How to check the balance on a Rush Card

You may check your balance and transaction history online 24/7 by logging into your online account here. You may also call customer support at 1-888-569-7730. There is no charge to check your balance online or over the phone. You can set up Account Alerts, a special feature that allows you to receive your card balance to your email, mobile phone, or both. Once you’ve registered your mobile phone number with us, you can request your balance at any time by sending the word “BAL” and the last four digits of your card number to 47874 (IRUSH). Carrier message and data rates apply.

How to activate a Rush Card

Activate your RushCard Live

Can you set up Direct Deposit on a Rush Card?

Yes, many employers notify the bank of PAYROLL direct deposits before your “official” payday. If RushCard receives early notice, it will be deposited on the card early. Ask your employer when they submit their direct deposit information to the bank. Your employer may not submit early every pay period.

Where to buy a Rush Card Online

The RushCard isn’t available online. You can pick up a RushCard Live now at thousands of retail locations nationwide. FIND LOCATION

Can you use a Rush Card to get cash from an ATM or cash back?

Yes. You will select a 4 digit PIN when you activate your Personalized Card. You may withdraw up to $400 per day. Temporary Cards cannot be used at ATMs and we may blockATM withdrawals in some countries due to fraud or security concerns. PLEASE NOTE: if you purchased the card at a Financial Service Center, like Pay-0-Matic, you can access cash from ATMs with your Temporary Card. You can also access cash at participating retailers where you can request “cash back” with purchase transactions. You can complete an in-bank withdrawal (also called a teller cash withdrawal) from your RushCard Live. You may withdraw up to $400 per transaction with a maximum of $2,500 per day.

How to reload a Rush Card

After successful identity verification, you can reload your Temporary Card by purchasing a MoneyPak®, enrolling in Direct Deposit, setting up an online reload from your bank, or reloading at participating MoneyGram and Western Union locations. Fees may apply for non-Direct Deposit reloads. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

How to replace a lost or stolen Rush Card

If you lose your card or believe it to be stolen, you must immediately report this to customer service. Click here to report your card lost or stolen from your online account, or call 1-888-569-7730. We will cancel your card and a new card will be sent to you. A fee for a replacement card may apply. Please see your Cardholder Agreement for more information.

Can you use a Rush Card to pay bills?

Yes, but only from your Personalized Card. You may also sign up for BILL PAY.

Intuit GoPayment Prepaid Visa Card Review

The Intuit GoPayment mobile payment program, which is a mobile credit card reading device tandemed with a mobile App, has added a prepaid card to compliment it’s credit processing strategy. Intuit says that this with provide a convenience for users using a Visa prepaid account linked to GoPayment.

“The GoPayment Card adds new value to those using GoPayment. In addition to helping them get paid, we’re helping them make payments,” said Chris Hylen, vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Payment Solutions division.

Here’s How It Works:

The GoPayment card is available exclusively to GoPayment users. You can sign up on or with the GoPayment App. They App and the card scanner, which can be inserted directly into your mobile device, are offered for free. Users can accept GoPayment credit card transactions and the funds will then be distributed into their account within two or three business days. The GoPayment Visa Card may subsequently be used to manage and obtain the funds in the account, anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

The Fine Print: Charges, Fees, and Monthly Allowances

  • No sign-up or monthly maintenance fees–> (Pay-as-you-Go plan)
  • One free ATM withdrawal per month
  • One free account transfer per month
  • Transaction charges range between 1.7% and 2.7%

More Features:

  • No bank account required for initial enrollment
  • Great for separating business funds and personal finances
  • Users can still have funds deposited into their personal bank account


The GoPayment program and Visa prepaid card is a great way for businesses or individuals without business bank accounts to oversee finances as well as accept payments on the spot. Yes, there are surcharges associated but this bodes true to just about every prepaid card. Considering that enrollment and hardware (card scanner) come free, the charges associated are relatively fair.

AccountNow Visa Gold Prepaid

The AccountNow Visa Gold Prepaid is one of the top rated prepaid cards. The card can be used to shop anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted. You can use it to shop online, get cash from the ATM, direct deposit your paycheck and make general purchases, including at restaurants and gas stations. Also, applications are approved 100% and there is no credit checks. To get a card, click here.

Here are some of the most common questions about the AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card (FAQs)

How Can I log into AccountNow to view details of my card?
To log into your AccountNow Prepaid account, click here.

Is there Any Credit Checks to Get a Card?
No, there is no credit checks to get the AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card

How Do I add Money To My AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card?
You can add money via direct deposit or from a checking or savings account. You can also load cash onto the card at retail locations that offer MoneyGram, Western Union, Visa ReadyLink, and Green Dot MoneyPak.

How much Money Can I add to the card at one time?
There is a maximum daily limit of $6,000 for direct deposits and up to $1,500 for cash loads onto the card. There is also a $9, 500 monthly cash load limit.

Can someone add money to my account?
Yes, you can have friends and family add money to your account either via a cash load or through services like MoneyGram, Western Union, Visa ReadyLink, and Green Dot MoneyPak.

How do I Check The Balance on My Account?
To check the balance on your account, log into your account here and click on “View Account Activity”. You can also set up to receive balance information via SMS text to your cell phone.

Can I add someone to my account?
Yes, you can add someone to your account, but be aware that the person will have full access to all the funds on the account.

Can I get Cash at ATMs?
Yes, you can get cash at ATMs, up to $300 per day. You may be charged a fee for this service, in addition to whatever fee is charged by the ATM owner.

Can I use my Account for Online Bill Pay?
Yes, you will have to log-into your account to schedule bills to be paid electronically. The service is free and you can pay anyone in the United States. They money will be sent to the person or organization electronically or via check.

What are the fees associated with the AccountNow Visa Card?
For a full list of fees on the AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card, click here.

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