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Target Visa Gift Card Review

For a review of the Target Visa Gift Card, see below. You can also check out our review of the Target American Express Prepaid card.

I visited our local Target store over the holidays and saw that they are now selling a Target Visa Gift Card and a Target American Express Gift Card. As you are probably aware, Walmart has been selling the Walmart MoneyCard (Prepaid Visa Card) for a while now and Target is now getting in on the action in the prepaid space. Below are images of the Target Cards. So, you now have another convenience place to buy Visa Gift Cards.

Here is a complete review of the Target Visa Gift Card


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Target American Express Gift Card Review


  1. Cindy

    My son was given a Target Visa Gift card as a gift and he went to use it and the card was declined. He had used it once for a small purchase and it was declined on the second purchase. After calling I discovered that they the gift card company put a hold on the full balance and said they would release it after 5 days. Hard to explain to a kid why his “gift card” doesnt work. Have used many visa gift cards before but never had this problem. Will not purchase from target again

  2. Sienna

    I bought a visa gift card for $50. And I purchased something online and the page reloaded and the website said the card is not recognize and they made me cancel my order. So I went to check my balance on my visa gift card and my money was all gone! I called the card company and they told me that the order was on the history payment. They said if the order I purchased did not come it would take 7-8 days that I’ll get my money back. I was so mad and I will not buy one again. And I will not even get the target or walmart visa gift cards!!!!!

  3. Unable to use Target Visa in Pay Pal. Strongly recommend purchasing these gift cards for IN STORE use ONLY. Very deceptive information on card contents, and I am very disappointed. Can’t return because packaged has been broken, so I am out the six dollar surcharge for a card that is useless to me, except in a Target store.

  4. hate this card do not get it if you plan on shopping on ebay.

    it does not work on paypal.

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