Bargain shoppers, penny pinchers and deal hunters already know. The best way to get more bang for your buck, no matter what you’re buying is by using discounted gift cards. The idea is simple. Go shopping, pick out what you want, but before you actually buy; head over to a discounted gift card retailer and purchase a gift card to your retailer of choice.

Having the most expensive outfit on is out of fashion these days. Instead, it’s more fashionable to have the best looking outfit that was purchased at a bargain price. Discounted gift card retailers are growing in popularity because of this change. These companies offer people a way to save money without sales, coupons or any other incentive from the retailer itself. Why wouldn’t you use them?

Let’s say you need a new pair of shoes and plan on going to Footlocker to get them. Unfortunately, Footlocker isn’t having any sales or discounts on the pair you want. Not to worry, you can still save 10-30% by purchasing a discounted gift card before you shop.

The power of discounted gift cards grows exponentially when you couple them with sales and merchant coupons.

$100.00 gift card purchased for $85.00 + a 10% merchant coupon + a 20% merchant sale = 45% savings off retail!!!!

In this example, you would be getting $100.00 for the price of $55.00. Using discounted gift cards in this manner almost becomes like purchasing discounted money. Who wouldn’t take $100.00 for $55.00? Smart shoppers are already aware of the effectiveness; if you’re not already using discounted gift cards this way, it’s time to get on board.