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top-10.JPGCuriosity got the best of me today so I decided to find out what the 10 most popular gift cards are. I figured the best way to do this was to see which gift cards feature the most on searches. Since I am biased towards Google and Yahoo, I decided to use a keyword research tool to find out which gift cards are popular on these two sites. It turns out the most popular gift card according to Google and Yahoo Search results is the Visa gift card. The top 10 is made up of the following:

The result was surprising to me. I was expecting to see more department store and clothing store gift cards. I am not sure why i had that thought. It is interesting that the bank issued gift cards (Visa, American Express, and MasterCard) feature prominently in searches because these cards are laden with fees and have expiration dates. Does this mean people want the convenience of being able to use these cards everywhere and don’t care about the fees or expiration? Let me know what you think. Post your comment below.

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  1. That list is a little surprising, I expected to see some of the usual food places olive Garden, red lobster, etc. They are not even in the top 10!
    I am also surprised that Master Card ranked lower than America Express…

  2. Kwame Kuadey

    Regina, I agree with you. I was also surprised by the fact that restaurant, clothing, and department stores like Macy’s etc did not make the top list. I plan on posting another list based on eBay sales. That may give another perspective.

  3. great post!!

  4. krisna

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    the banks and all companies who sell gift cards and who facilitate the practice of weekly fees and monthly fees and loading fees and non-usage fees, purchase fees, pin fees, adding or withdrawal fees, atm fees, balance inquiry fees, then add insult to injury…..these companies ultimately put an expiration on the money that is loaded onto these gift cards and reloadable cards………there is a word for this type of practice in the dictionary…it is obvious that these companies are practicing fraud and theft within the states and across state lines….IT IS VERY OBVIOUS that these fees and expirations are clearly designed to rip you off… take your money and give you nothing in return……this is decietful and deceptive…..these practices fall into the catagory of the deceptive trade practices…..and yet these practices are not being enforced by the DTPA…..and the federal governmet and FBI has done nothing to which our tax dollars are paying for thier oversight….what these companies are doing is a crime….but there is no prosecution and restitution being made to all the victims WHO LOOSE… who else is guilty…..the government ….for allowing the masses to be the victim of theft….fraud….pickpocketed….while our tax dollars pay for their (govt) existance and yet the police powers to whom are being paid by us are also guilty of fraud and theft and pickpocketing for taking our money without our consent and yet not giving us the service of protecting our interests we are paying the law enforcement for a service to which we are not recieving….somebody must put a stop to those companies who are ripping us off and put a stop to the authorities for also ripping us off……it is also obvious that the athorities have no respect for our wishes but their own….they will continue to ignore this until someone makes a federal case out of this………..

  6. GiftCardBlogger™

    genecorpus, you raise some good points. It is sad that the government can sit by and watch this blatant rape of consumers to happen.

  7. Ellie

    Good golly! You take a terrific bit of info like that list and loose sight of its purpose. We the consumers, read the list and learn where to put our money. We stop buying bank gift cards and all the other ones that rip us off. They make no money from them and either change how the cards are priced or stop offering them. Power to the people because, remember, WE are the economy.

    You let the government regulate it and we’ll end up paying more taxes for another department in the Federal Trade Commission so more bureaucrats can get cushy salaries, medical insurance the likes of which most of us haven’t seen in decades, and padded pensions. “Let the buyer beware” because, frankly, the government is not and has never been very efficient. Much better for us to be informed and take care of ourselves.

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  10. Most of the items on this list do not surprise me. I buy gift cards online and from folks on Craigslist and the most popular cards sold (by far) are Home Depot and Lowes, followed by Target at a distant third. I suspect that the reason I rarely see the other cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Wal Mart) is because they are like cash insofar as they can purchase a wide array of goods. The only one that stands out to me is Best Buy!

  11. Kathy Kalb

    Used Visa gift cards on a Florida vacation. Had a little money, $1-$5, left on each. When I got home and tried to use them up, I had problems. It was fine as long as my total wasn’t over the card balance, but I wanted to use the balances at Walmart or grocery to knock off some of the tab. I talked to Walmart supervisors (they were very helpful) and was told I had to know the balances on each card so the cashier could punch that in for each one. I had wrapped receipts around a couple of them as I used them, but the other 4 I didn’t, so have no clue.
    Just remember, if you use Visa Gift Cards, be sure to keep track of the balance and tell anyone you give one to do the same.

  12. Wow…I am also surprised to see the bank issued gift cards (Visa, American Express, and MasterCard) in top 10.

  13. Mark

    I had 3 visa gift cards that expired. Called the number onb the back of the card and they willingly, cheerfully and quickly cancelled the expired cards adn sent me new ones with full amounts on them good for 2 years.

  14. Karen

    I am surprised as well. Wow, I bought a lot of gift cards this year for people since it’s convenient and I knew who would want what card, and I did not buy one Visa or Mastercard prepaid one. I bought Gamestop cards, movie cards, restaurant cards, and store cards including Macys, Barnes and Noble and TJ Maxx. I guess it depends on who you are buying it for.

  15. Joe

    How about just giving cash. You can use it everywhere to buy everything.

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