The U.S. Bank Visa Buxx Prepaid Teen Card is designed for teens to help them spend responsibly while giving parents control and access to the account to allow them to both track spending by their teens and reload the card as needed. To learn more about the Visa Buxx Prepaid Card, click here.

How The U.S. Bank Visa Buxx Card Works:

FAQs about the U.S. Bank Visa Buxx Prepaid Card

1. Where can I get the U.S. Bank Visa Buxx Card?
You can buy the U.S. Bank Visa Buxx card online here or at any U.S. Bank branch.

2. How do I check the available balance on my U.S. Bank Visa Buxx Card?
To check your available balance, call 888-310-2899 or go to and go to Account Summary. To check balances on gift cards you have, click here.

3. Can I use the Visa Buxx Card at an ATM?
Yes, you can use the U.S. Bank Visa Buxx Card to withdraw cash from Visa ATMs worldwide. You can withdraw a maximum of $200 each transaction. You are allowed to make three withdrawals within a 24-hour period.

4. Is there an Age Limit on Who Can Use the Visa Buxx Cards?
Yes, You must be at least 13 years old to get a Visa Buxx Card. Also, the Card may only be used by the teen in whose name the Card is issued.

5. Can the Card ever have a negative balance or be overdrawn?
Any Visa authorization request that is greater than the cardholder’s available balance will be declined. However, occasionally a Visa merchant puts an item through without prior authorization, which could result in a negative balance. If you account is overdrawn, you will be notified.

6. How do I load money to my teen’s Visa Buxx Card?
You can load money onto the card using a debit card, or credit card. This can be done online, by phone or at any U.S. Bank branch. You can also set up direct deposit from your teen’s employer. Funds transfered via a U.S. Bank checking or savings account may take up to seven business days to be available on the Card.

7. What are the fees associated with the Visa Buxx Card?
For a full list of fees, click here

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