Many businesses have recently been reporting that majority of their employees say they would rather receive gift cards as a reward for their efforts than any other incentive, even cash! Arguments might be plenty that gift cards aren’t personal enough, however, one can’t argue about the fact that they are more appealing as a reward than cash.

Gift Cards are more cherished and they have a longer ‘holding’ capacity, where they can be kept as a souvenir, whereas cash is so easily disposable.

Gift Cards also afford business owners the opportunity to reward their employees while also conveying some sort of familiarity  with their employees. When employees get the idea that an employer has taken the time to learn their likes and dislikes, the type of food they eat, type of store they patronize etc, the employees feel a lot more appreciated and inspired to work that much harder.

In recent studies, the Incentive Research Foundation found that incentives increase work performance by an average of 22%. Gift cards can serve as the right incentive in that not only can it be a trophy, it is primarily money to an ‘appreciated’ merchant. It is also important to note that according to the research, majority of the participants said travel incentives and merchant based incentives were on top of their wish list. Wondering where to find them? affords business owners the chance to buy discounted gift cards in bulk as rewards.