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Visa Gift Card Balance

The Visa Prepaid Gift Card is the most popular prepaid card. The Reloadable Prepaid Cards can be used to shop online, pay bills, get cash at ATMs, and make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. If you would like to check the balance on your Visa gift card, see below.

One of the most frequently asked questions on Yahoo Answers is how to check the balance on a visa gift card. The short answer is that it depends on who issued the gift card. The easy way is to look at the back of the gift card for information on how to check your gift card balance.

The visa gift card is issued by many banks and entities so you will have to follow instructions provided by the card issuer on how to check your balance. Below is information on how to check the balance on the three most popular visa gift cards: The Vanilla visa card, the Simon visa card, and Gift Card Mall visa card.

Gift Card Mall Visa Gift Card

You can check your gift card balance online at or call 1-866-397-9763.

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

You can check your gift card balance online for free at or call customer service at 1-800-571-1376.

Simon Visa Gift Card

You can check your gift card balance online at Also see our reviews of the Top Rated Prepaid Cards.  To get transaction history or Check Balance on your other gift cards, click here.


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  1. I’ve attempted to use Vanilla Visa Gift Cards for a while now. I honestly believe they are MORE EXPENSE and MORE TROUBLE than they are worth! I’ve “bought” $25. and $100 cards. I expect, since I am PAYING a FEE for the card, AND LOADING THE CARD UP FOR THE STATED CASH AMOUNT WITH CASH, that as a gift card or debit card, it would (SHOULD!!!) be welcomed where ever VISA is… It’s NOT!!! You CAN’T use the VANILLA VISA TO PAY FOR ANYTHING WITH PAY PAL FOR EBAY!!!! Pay Pal REFUSES to honor the Vanilla Visa because “the card is not associated with a bank”… It did NOT matter that prior to attemptin to use the Vanilla Gift Card for PayPal, I went to theVanilla Visa’s web page and VOLUNTARILY registered the card to/with MY name and address! Also, when attempting to pay for a buss ticket, AGAIN, I WAS REFUSED the ticket. I had done THIS ording of a ticket through both on line and again over the telephone; the card was no good for THAT! I finally was forced to DRIVE down the Greyhound station and have them PHYSICALLY SWIPE the card before the ticket could be ordered! I have had other difficulties with the card not being honored by vendors, bot those two were the most recent and most IRRITATING!!! All in all, I think I am NOT going to use Vanilla Visa again!!! My rationalization of this goes Vanilla Visa is collecting interest on MY cash until such time as I use it. I am letling them keep the interest and THEN, after all that, THEIR PRODUCT (Vanilla Visa Gift Cards) and MY plastic money are being REJECTED by Venors who DO accept Visa cards and cash! It’s a NO Brainer as to what I will do in the future!!! You have now read this and you are now warned; Good Luck!

  2. Kathleen Pehrson

    When using a visa gift card at a restaurant the card can only be used for 80% towards purchase. Visa saves %20 % towards tip. This is very inconvenient if your bill is larger than the gift card. For instance, if your visa is worth $100 and your bill is $100, the restaurant can only swipe the visa gift card for $80 toward the bill and the rest is either left on the visa card or you can swipe it for tip. This has never made any sense to me!!!!!!

  3. kassa addisu

    I bought a visa gift card and proceed to pay for on line palm mobile unlocking service. But the site rejected my payment .why?

  4. zelalem

    I bought a visa debit card but thru a friend in the US.But unable to use it here in Ethiopia. What should I do?

  5. Leroy

    My wife recived a vanilla visa gift card for $50.00 Did not get a chance to use it until today, at which time it was refused. she bvrought it home and i checked it out on line, found that the terms had been changed fro $1.50 fee per month starting on the 13th month. to $2.50 per month starting on the 7th month, she was not notified of any change. as required.. Vanilla Visa only posted same on their website. NOT EVERYONE checks EVERY DAY to see if changes have been made to the terms under which the card was issued….MY ADVICE IS NEVER BUY A VANILLA VISA CARD…fyi THEY HAD TAKEN 10 MONTHS FEES FOR TOTAL OF $22.50 from the Value

  6. candice

    I have used Visa Vanilla Gift Cards quite a few times,and I have NEVER had a problem!!! i HAVE USED THEM ANYWHERE FROM AIRLINE TICKETS TO GROCERY STORE AND I PREFER THEM OVER BANKS !! In fact I have never even used a bank ….just gift cards…I dont trust my money with our government..1 OVER DRAW FEE FROM A BANK…IS EQUAL TO 4 OR 5 MONTHS WORTH OF FEE’S FROM A GIFT CARD !! Either way….We get robbed!!

  7. I think gift cards are a fantastic present as long as you can remember to use them as they have an expiry date.

  8. kim watts

    Big rip off..i suspect their will be a class action law suit on these prepaid card when you have 3 and 4 dollars left on card and cant use it, i have maybe 6 X 100,000= millions for these companies…somebody will be suited soon and i hope they do…its a RIP -OFF.

  9. Vin

    Vanilla VISA = THEFT. High fees and the money disappears at $2.50 a month after 6 months. Just give cash or write a check. Because retailers really don’t like these cards anyway.

  10. Lisa MacMillan

    Please don’t give Visa vanilla cards to anyone you love – they are a rip-off. My boyfriend got two $25.00 Visa Vanilla cards last year from his boss and forgot about them. I just checked them and they are completely worthless – they took $2.50 a month off until they were all used up. I feel like we’ve been robbed.

  11. Kierston Bush

    this gift card is too confusing…it better work on my online order or im going to be so pissed!!!!! the vanilla webiste doesnt even let you check your balance…you gotta call for taht!!!

  12. Wendy

    What is up with this card or company issuing it. I tried to check the balance online and I keep getting an error when I try to go to the check your balance link. I have never had any problem like this with any other visa giftcard. I don’t think I will be using them again. Very user unfriendly website. What a disappointment!!!

  13. Mike

    Tried to use Vanilla Visa today at Target and they wouldn’t accept it. Tried to go on their web site but it always said their server was down. Only got a recorded message, got hung up on whenever I pushed talk to a rep. Jank card!

  14. jay

    get a my titanium master card… works best… and itunes only takes 1 dollar off when you make a purchase, to verify the cards active… but takes the payment for purchase off 2 days later … in other words, 2 days to get as mant games and apps off itunes as you want! nice one apple! hope this helps many…helped me with 75 apps so far, and 20 games, lmao

  15. Bubbles LaTour

    Re: Kim Watts’ “Big rip off..i suspect their will be a class action law suit on these prepaid card when you have 3 and 4 dollars left on card and cant use it,”

    I’ve learned that when I want to use a card and don’t have enough on the card for the total, tell the cashier to put the card through for *exactly the amount that’s left on the card* (information you have to know) first, and then pay the rest in cash, check, or Monopoly money.

  16. Paul

    I received a $50.00 VISA gift card for Christmas. Tonight I took my wife out to Applebees for dinner and our bill was $71.60 plus tip. When it came time to pay the bill I gavel the waiter $31.60 which included a $10.00 tip and the $50 gift card. I asked her to deduct $21.60 from the bill so the amount due was exactly $50.00 which she did. The VISA card was rejected. She tried again and again it was rejected. We then called VISA and we told that they withhold 20% of the amount at a restaurant for “tips and incidentals” so the most I could put through on the card was $41.60. This is not quite 20% but we did that. Then, we get home and I call VISA and they tell me there is now $0.08 left on the card. I ask why? They are holding the other $8.32 for 3 to 7 days “until it clears” even though they know I spent exactly $41.60.
    I have a lot of issues with this as being unfair and deceptive business practice. For me to use the remaining balance on the card ($8.40) I have to wait 3 to 7 days and then I have to know the exact amount left and then make sure I don’t use it at a restaurant or I will go through the same problem. Now when I use it I have to know the exact amount left before using the card and have the store take the other portion of the balance due first and then have them put a charge through for $8.40 exactly! As far as I’m concerned this is a rip off of the consumer by the credit card company and I can just imagine how many 100’s of millions of dollars they just pocket in un-used gift card balances. This is a very deceptive and unfair business practice on the part of VISA. The way it should work is that the customer gives the card first and the balance left on the card is deducted from the amount owed and then the customer pays the difference. That is the way a Starbucks gift card and other gift cards I have ever used works and is sure the way that VISA gift cards should work as well. This is a clever way to “steal” from the American public that needs to be made illegal.

    Don’t buy VISA gift cards for people. Write them a check or give them good old Cash! VISA charges $4.95 and then withholds 20% at a resteraunt and then if the balance is not used in 12 months they “steal” $2 / month until it is all gone!

  17. David

    Well for one thing you need to regester your card with giftcard mall taht way when you go to youse on ebay,tickets stores it will work every time Davi

  18. Hey great post thanks for sharing this information with us. It will be helpful to all. Thanks

  19. Hillery

    I purchased a Visa at a Sobeys grocery store. I paid 55.48 for a $50 Visa. I spent $33 online, and suprise, surprise, I had no more money left!! WTF?? What happened? Who was it STOLE the rest? Visa? or Citizens Bank??

  20. That is the strangest thing that I have ever heard of that one gets charged on a gift card I know that here in South Africa, if one has a gift card no interest is charged whatever money you have on there you can use they don’t just take a certain amount and then leave a percentage, cause if that is the case on would have to load more money onto it in order for it to give the full balance need to purchase, sounds really sill to me.

  21. k

    i am haing trouble with my visa gift card too. i already got rejected from an online site that takes visa credit cards. by expiration date was not accepted on the online application form.

  22. shirley londo

    need balance on gift card

  23. alex

    Basically, if u use paypal, they flip you off first, insult you with a damn fee, deny that your card even exists, and then flip you off once more when you try to take off the damn fee. This card better be returnable or i’m going to cuss out paypal, vanillavisa, visa, and every other bastard that denies the damn card. There will be HELL to pay. Do NOT N-O-T NOT buy this card because the people who make it are full of bullshit, the companies that you try to use it toward are assholes, and basically it is just one huge headache. RIP<MTDIP = May They Die In Pain (for being assholes). P.S.: excuse my french

  24. is terrible.
    I bought something, then found out it needed an address. I registered address with gift card, then called and THEY would NOT release MY MONEY. They said it will be released in 8 days….MY MONEY will be hled by them for 8-DAYS !
    Is this legal ?
    (The merchant did not charge the account, but GIFTCARDMALL is using MY MONEY….even after merchant and I explained to cancel the original order, they would NOT give back MY money). !

  25. Prepaid Rebates Cards

    I just received my rebate as a visa prepaid debit card. Reading the fine print and looking for how long I get to keep the balance before the maintenance fees kick in. I was surprised when they did not mention any. Then I notice something on the front of the card and went “OMG no wonder!!”. The valid thru date on the card is marked 05/10 which means these bastards are forcing us to spend it in about 2 weeks time. My previous rebate prepaid cards gave me 6 months maintenance-free from the date the card was issued before they charge $3 a month.

    Also these words are important: “when making purchases, choose credit not debit as the payment method. This means they will treat this card as if it is a credit card, not a true debit card. They screw you with the $1 hold (pre-auth) to see if the card is valid so you can never use the full balance of the card.

    For merchants such as restaurants, bars, and beauty salons, they process all card transactions for an additional 20% to cover a potential tip. Again they screw you by holding 20% for tips. So if the bill total is $10, they will hold an extra $2. Again it is by design that they do not want you to use the full balance until it either expires or self implode via monthly maintenance fees.

  26. Walmart gift cards are a huge waste after buying and going through the hassle of activating it , it didn’t work . As for the call back number all the calls are being out sourced to other countries two indivisuals that did not understand english well attempted to help …A huge mess on top of that I’m being charged for talking to a person instead of the machine .WHAT a Big scam . I called walmart in Torrance CA where I bought the card ,the manager transfered me to customer service where another brat hung up on me ,tried calling back went straight to voice mail. So much for customer service I got a better chance of going walking on the moon than buying any gift cards there. I will try Target. Good luck.

  27. samantha

    the visa card gift card is the biggist rip off . you pay extra just to buy the card and have it activated and most here won;t take it i have money still on my card and i can’t use the damn thing i haad an easier time with the master card gift card . i think i will stay away from this gift cards and for any online shopping i will continue to use paypal it is slow but at least they do;t rip you off

  28. Mikrin

    Never ever buy one of these Vanilla Visa cards for anyone. They are able to charge a monthly fee and those add up quite quickly. They stole $5.09 from me before my card ran out. Bad business and as far as I’m concerned a scam that needs to be regulated. Shame on Visa.

  29. Marie

    Vanilla visa gift card is a rip off. Hubby gave me 3 – $100 cards and I have had nothing but trouble trying to use. Do not purchase!!!

  30. daily boogie

    stick with american express gift cards, the ones that are actually american express sold in the little envelope with the american express logo on the front, don’t use those branded card types like green dot and vanilla’s use the real source instead, not the outsourcer for the source, also today is the big day, the day new regulations go into effect for plastic cards of all kinds including gift cards.

  31. jams summers

    Yup – useless. I agree. Please count me in for the class action law suit. I have better things to do with my time then fight with why this card is not accepted. They do VISA a great injustice.

  32. My advise. Use American Express Gift Cards. No fee.

  33. Received card for Christmas 2009 for $25.00 when I used the card at Olive Garden and said no good no baance left ! What kind of card does your CO. GIVE out? take the money and then decress the balance each month till itsa all gone? that is not right!

  34. John Z

    It was a thoughtful gift of a $100, to bad I can’t use it all. Yes I registered it and used it once for half its value then it became unrecognized by any merchant. The balance shows good, bank says its good but nothing will go through, not even a balance check. I would say, and recommend no one ever buy anyone a gift card from a bank. Saying that out loud gives a feeling of ‘Duh’ on so many levels because it makes no sense.

  35. Lots of great comments. Not certain why some can’t use the full face value. maybe it’s currency conversion. Gift and Loyalty cards are a great resource for merchants.

  36. calvin

    GOD DAMMM!!! im trying to order something and it redirects me to paypal i enter the card info and etc but it rejects my card… go back to check my balance and they take money from me how is that possilbe if their retard bot machine thang is finna reject my card say it dont exist but still takes my money … fuck paypal , fuck visa , fuk all these god damm fags that live on this mutha fukn earth >.>

  37. RW

    I will never buy one of these again! They don’t work if you don’t do it for exact balance then you call and they charge you $5 and take money off your card. do not waste your money on these!!!!

  38. disgusted

    Just bought one of these awful cards for 200$ to order holiday gifts online. Their website is down and I cannot register my card to activate it for online shopping. I’ve read all over the web that it cannot be used online without online registry. I’ve also read all over that not many places accept it. This is so awful, I cannot buy holiday presents for my family now because Vanilla Visa has stolen my money and I cannot access it anymore. What a awful and disgusting experience this is. I’ve called their customer service twice today and their site is still down. I feel awful. They should be locked up for conducting business this way. NEVER BUY THIS CARD FOR YOURSELF OR ANYBODY.

  39. i recieved a gift card for 200.00 i have called every # and they say it isnt a valid # i have been on every web sight same response.I think this is a rip off.

  40. Lotus

    A friends gave me a $100 visa gift card from giftcardmall like a year ago. I’ve used up $78 as payment for skype and ebay. Now I wanted to purchase something again from ebay which costs $19 but my paypal account would not allow me to do the transaction and shows a message that the amount exceeds the limits of my balance. I double-checked my gift card balance through the giftcardmall website and it shows I still have $22. But why is paypal showing $0 balance and not let me pay with this card? Please help!

  41. Don M.

    We went to TGI friday’s with a $100 gift card and were told we could only use $83.33 and after that the card had a zero balance. Later found from card company that the”restaurant may factor” in a 20% reserve or hold back. I called Visa at Metabank & while on ignore read the terms to find them blaiming the restaurant for the 20% hold back. The charge slip showed that after the $83.33 charge the card had a zero balance. I think SCAM. I think Metabank wanted me to pitch the card so they can keep the 20%. VISA Metabank I think you are a SCAM. I think you people should not buy their cards because I think they are a SCAM.

  42. l t lowry

    To tind the balance on my Visa card is VERY hard. How do I do it?

  43. Tony

    I received a $100.00 gift card as a b-day gift, but due to a system failure on the part of Vanilla Visa, the card was voided. I called the customer service line, who indicated that that the card was deactivated due to their mistake, but that they would not send me a new card unless I mailed them the receipt for the card. Since I got it as a gift there was no way I could get a receipt. So basically, due to a “mistake” on their part. they stole my friend’s money and my gift.

  44. Gary

    Rcv’d $50(MetaBank) Visa Debit Giftcard cpl wks ago. Used 5/29 at Outback, but card would only deduct $41.66. Cld automated # on back of card, balance $0. Cld Outback, owner said visa holds % back. Said bal of $ shld show on card within a couple days. Went to to check balance, clicked on “check balance”, I got a commercial for shaving. How do you get live person????? Hate these cards.

  45. Shaun

    I should have bought the American Express one! DAMN IT. I’ve bought the Visa ones in the past but not the Vanilla one. So now I’m also experiencing trouble. My house collapsed from a tornado and my step mother sent me 120 to help out so I decided to get the gift card. It took 3 times to get my product to go through. I believe the zip code must be the same as the billing and shipping in order for it to work. As for money being taken, I haven’t experienced that just yet. I am going back to CVS tomorrow to get a different card with this. I have 86$ dollars left. Hopefully it works. I’m so pissed off now.

  46. Cartwright

    Hey people, I have a solution or two for you as both my wife and I receive many of these gift cards and have been through every possible scenario listed here and then some. Honestly folks I know the pamphlet that comes with the card is a novel, but read it… it will give you all the info you found on this blog. My issue is not being able to re-load them (waste) and also the difficulty in combining balances (which you pretty much can’t do) My best advice even after searching endlessly on the web have been narrowed down to a good three options. #1) [3/5] – If you are able to register your card online, and able to link it to Paypal, which I haven’t had any issues with yet. It takes a while, but register each card that has a balance under a different e-bay account (or use your friends, spouses, dogs…etc) and then send the money to your own e-bay account and once complete withdrawal the funds to your bank account. Now the issues are, fees (bleh) and also if you can’t link to Paypal you are screwed. #2) [4/5] – Now another way to combine the leftovers you have is to take all the cards to a major retailer (Wal-Mart, Safeway, Target etc..) and purchase another Visa gift card with all of your remaining cards, and if not enough complete with extra cash, debit whatever. Again if you only have a couple cards with a couple bucks it’s not worth it as the fees again will get you. Now, for my third and final approach that is really going to wow you. #3 [5/5] – Now if you can pull this off, which it’s not really hard to do, and you have another REAL credit card, this is pretty fun. Take your shitty ass visa gift card to another major retailer with a good return policy. Buy and item for just over the amount of the gift card, and use your REAL credit card to pay the remaining balance. Wait a day, and return the item (of course un-opened no issue there) and because you no longer have the gift card, they will ask for your REAL visa, mastercard, amex and return your balance to that. Now if you can withdrawal cash from your credit card great, if not… it’s a great way to just pay your balance on your card, as most credit card companies won’t accept a visa gift card to pay another REAL credit card. Hope this helps, and it is only a matter of time before these companies have regulations set on them, and before you know it, these gift cards will come with a pin code to withdrawal the cash. ~peace

  47. My gratitude for your post and I am extremely excited I stumbled on to your web page. I’m always looking for a good frugal kind of website, so I will definitely be saving this one for the future!

  48. Alby Thorp

    I use the Vanilla Pre-Paid Gift Cards all the time and have never had any problems whatsoever. Just remember to register it with your zip code to use online. I have also used it through PayPay to buy stuff off of EBaby. No problems whatsoever. And, the $4.99 load fee is much cheaper than the % charged for a regular card. I don’t know how all of you are having the problems you do. Bring it to me and for $10, I will show you how to use it correctly, lol.

  49. gift card

    i love visa gift cards they make great gifts with alot of flexibility

  50. On December 20th 2011 I bought a Visa Prepaid Gift Card for my husband for a Christmas gift. This was a $75.00 Gift Card which I also paid $5.50 for an activation fee. The card in total cost me $80.50. When my husband went to use the card he was unable to do so. Apparently the company packaged the cards wrong and we did not receive a working card. We call them immediately and were unable to fix this issue over the phone. The request that we fax the front and back of the card, the package and the store receipt of the purchased card. We did this beginning of January and a week later we were told they could not read the numbers on the front of the card. So I went back to staples and re-faxed it again on 20 Jan. One month later and no calls or new card I call them again. Apparently they still can’t read the front of the card and can’t give us our money back or a new card. So as of right now Vanilla Visa has stolen our money and wont do anything to fix. I am going to be trying a new method of getting my money back by scanning the stupid card in color. Maybe now they can read it and stop stealing our money. If any of you out there were affected by this leave a post.

    Also to those out there that bought these cards from Shoppers Drug Mart and did not retain a receipt and lost their money because they will not reimburse you or send you a new card without one, Please leave a post with your story. Maybe we can get enough followers on this group that we will get their attention and everyone can get their money back. My advice never again by a Visa Prepaid Gift Card!

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