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Visa Gift Card Explained

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visa-gift-cardsVisa gift cards are a great way to teach teenagers about money management. They also make great gifts, whether for a wedding, birthday, high school or college graduation. Visa gift cards are convenient and work just like debit cards. You can use them anywhere visa debit are accepted, including online. They can also be replaced if lost or stolen, which makes them better than giving cash. Visa gift cards are issued by participating banks for any amount between $5 – $500. You can also buy them at denominations of $25, $50, $100 and $200 at most drug and grocery stores.

However, like other bank issued gift cards, Visa gift cards come with fees, including purchase fees, which are typically $4.95, monthly maintenance fees (which are charged after 6 or 12 months of purchase), and replacement fees, among others. They also carry expiration dates.

Nonetheless, Visa gift cards are very popular, which shows that consumers are happy with the convenience they offer and see the fees as a trade off.

For a list of where to buy visa gift cards in person, click here

For a list of where to buy visa gift cards online click here

If you are unsure of which Visa Gift Card to buy, you can check out the Vanilla Visa Gift Card or the All Access Gift Card, two of the most popular Visa gift cards.


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  1. I think that this is a great way of teaching our kids the importance of money and how to manage accounts, I still find it strange that there is a monthly free on these cards, its almost like having a credit card at the end of the day.

  2. Bill Thistle

    Clearly this cards are a scam to rip off the unsuspecting.

    “The financial-services research firm TowerGroup estimates that of the $80 billion spent on gift cards in 2006, roughly $8 billion will never be redeemed — “a bigger impact on consumers,” Tower notes, “than the combined total of both debit- and credit-card fraud.” A survey by Marketing Workshop Inc. found that only 30 percent of recipients use a gift card within a month of receiving it, while Consumer Reports estimates that 19 percent of the people who received a gift card in 2005 never used it.”

    I will never use one again

  3. Ann Talley

    NEVER buy or accept a VISA gift card!
    I received a $50. VISA gift card from a local gaming center. I received it less than three months ago and upon trying to use it I was informed that it had expired and the monthly fees had used up the $50. NOT A GREAT GIFT!

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