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Visa Gift Card for Online Shopping

greendot-logoOne of the most often asked questions about the Visa Gift Card is whether you can use them to shop online. The answer often depends on the bank or merchant that issued the card. If you are able to register the card with the bank and add your name and billing address to the card, then chances are you will be able to use it online to shop since the online merchant will be able to match the name and billing address you provide with the name and billing address on file for the Visa Gift Card.

While this looks like a simple process, there have been numerous reports about consumers unable to use their Visa Gift Cards online, and in some cases even after registering the card with the issuing bank or merchant.

That was why I was intrigued recently when I found a Visa Gift Card issued by Green Dot at a local Rite Aid that is boldly labeled “Visa Gift Card for Online Shopping”. It appears Green Dot has recognized a need in the marketplace and is trying to meet this need with the Visa Gift Card for online shopping. That is smart business because there is a whole segment of the population without credit cards; either due to spotty credit or being underage. In addition, there are people who simply don’t want to get a credit card for whatever reason and want the benefits of online shopping.┬áThis card helps them do just that. All you have to do is buy the card and register it online with Green Dot and you are ready to go on your online shopping spree. The cards can be loaded with amounts between $20 and $300.

Like any other bank issued gift card, the Green Dot Online Shopping Gift Card comes with a purchase fee, which is $4.95. There is also a $4.95 fee charged after 90 days of purchase, among other fees. As mentioned, the card can be purchased at Rite Aid.

Note: I have tried to get a picture of the card online and also get more information about the terms and condition but the card is no where to be found online, including on the Green Dot website. That is a bit strange. You would think they would want to promote this product proudly on their website?


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  1. green dot cards

    Check out for info on their registration and agreement. have purchased a card but not tried to use it online yet.

  2. And how many of you were able to get it registered with your merchants/banks? They are all there to make fools of their customers with these schemes which have no use for them.

    Radhika Fofalia

  3. Marie Oster

    I bought a visa green dot card and I can’t buy anything with it.. What could I be doing wrong?

  4. lyndsay

    I bought one of the Green Dot online shopping cards and have not been able to register it on their website, therefore I am unable to use the card I bought. I have called the “Customer Care” number they provide and all I got was a recorded voice answering service. You can’t even talk to a real person! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

  5. robert c. horvath

    Any companies looking for distributors for loadable gift cards.

  6. stephanie

    My experience was AWFUL. The online site said that my card was being refused and that I needed my bank to give them approval. Since it was a prepaid greendotshopping online purchasing VISA as described above I tried to contact them to get approval via the telephone number on the card but only got a strictly automated system without the chance to speak to a live person who could give the approval the online shopping site requested. The GreenDot website only directs people back to the same autmated telephone number on the card……. I also just read a statement about a poor 17 yr old who kept receiving charges/”fees” from the website she wanted to buy from once she used her prepaid card, so frankly I’m glad I didn’t get thru to a rep that would have given the online site access to my card (I wish I could assure her not to sweat it, I’m much older than she is and almost got duped thinking the card was prepaid and a VISA, ‘what could go wrong?’…. a good life lesson for a couple of bucks that I clearly hadn’t learned yet).
    So whether the site is legit or not, this card is too much hassle, it’s a joke.

  7. i cant get this card that i have bought to work i taiked to two different people they said it was ready to work but it doesnt its really upsetting me and wasting alot of time

  8. Dan Rasmuthsen

    I’ve used several of these cards. Every time I have been frustrated and since it’s the only game in town… I’ve suffered along. Presently, I’m sitting on a $300 card (now down to $298 for $1 authorizations that failed)… and there’s no live help, and I’ve had it hold up the funds for 2 weeks now. I guess I’m going back to the pharmacy where I bought this one. There’s gotta be a better way.

  9. i dont even know why you would need a greendot online card. you cannot load as much and a regular greendot card will do the same thing.

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