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Walmart gift card balance check

To Check the Balance on Walmart Gift Cards, see below. Did you know you can also buy a Walmart Prepaid Visa Gift Cards that allows you to shop online, pay bills, and get money at ATMs among other features? See below.

walmart-gift-cardIf you want to check the balance on a Walmart gift card, you’ve come to the right place. Walmart provides three different options to check the balance on your gift card. You can call 1-888-537-5503 or click here to check your gift card balance online. You can also go to a Walmart store if that is easier. To check your balance, you need the gift card number and pin (if applicable).

To check the balance on other gift cards, click here.


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  1. I would like to get the balance on two credit cards. Thank u very much. Love Linda Smith.

  2. I would like to get the balance on two goft cards. Thank u very much. Love Linda Smith.

  3. SI would like the balance of two of the gift cards that i have. That all want now. Nothing else. My e-mail address is

  4. Jessica

    Wal-mart is B U L L S H I T!! I have a reload card no f’n phone number on back Had 2 get on internet finally found phone number tried 2 get balance want f’ pin number there is f’n pin on my card just 16 digit number no other numbers. WORST F’N customer service EVER!! they want me to come in to check it! Waste of time if nothin on it! I live in boonies takes an hour and 1/2 2 get there!

  5. TED

    Jessica, Comment Posted on 28-07-2009, 03:07, You get a grade of F on your comment. Anyone can express themselves without all that “BS” and “f’n”. Have you no respect for anyone who might read this? Language like this usually gets you no help. Do you really expect it to?
    I don’t believe that living in the boonies is an excuse for it. Maybe if you would have talked in a nice way, you might have received the help you needed. And I hate to say it, but you do need some.

  6. TED

    Linda Smith – Comment Posted on 08-06-2009, 12:06, At the top of this comment section is a paragraph that reads as follows: If you want to check the balance on a Walmart gift card, you’ve come to the right place. Walmart provides three different options to check the balance on your gift card. You can call 1-888-537-5503 or click here to check your gift card balance online. You can also go to a Walmart store if that is easier. To check your balance, you need the gift card number and pin (if applicable). Click on the word “here” where it says to. And go from there.

  7. rolando

    I want to claim my gift card

  8. Vickie

    Sorry Linda, I will have to agree with Jessica in a nicer way. I did exactly as directed and I was told that sorry, but walmart could not verify a card over the internet without a pin number. Also, my card has 17 numbers not sixteen and it won’t even be recognized. Maybe walmart needs to look at simplier ways to check your card. I haven’t called yet but I am pretty sure they will charge a fee for balance inquiry. We’ll see!

  9. Dennis Highfill

    I bought two walmart visa gift cards for a friend’s children. after she told me how much trouble they had last year I tried to return them by calling 1(866)633-9096 there was no option offered to return or to speak to a person. I then tried as suggested bythe automated voice and had no success there either. I will never buy another walmart visa gift card

  10. Diane

    I just want my gift my grandchild wanted me to have thank you I know you are working on it hard

  11. i hate this website it wont let me have an account

  12. On Dec 22 I bought 2 WM $100 gift cards for my 2 daughters. One = no problem. Other had 80 cents balance. I called Visa support and they were absolutely no help. The lady wanted information on the other card, which I didn’t have. She said the 16 digit # was a mismatch to what was in the package and to the receipt auth. code. She said the physical card had been sold in Oct. She kept telling me my daughter must have switched cards. VISA WAS USELESS.
    I called Wal-Mart and the cust. support lady asked me to bring it in. She said someone is taking the packages out of the store, opening them, swapping the card for an old one, resealing the packages, returning them to the store, and watching on-line til they are activated at point of sale.
    They refunded my money with no hassle, and put all the remaining gift cards behind the counter.
    A big thanks to Wal-Mart and a big BOO to the air-head at VISA.
    Can you imagine how rich the thieves would be if they spent that much effort on honest pursuits?

  13. sure. great. but it seems to want me to sign up for an account here before telling me my balance. My position is, I paid for it and I have the right card number and pin, so gimme the balance like you said you would.

  14. I can’t get my balanced checked either without signing for an account with walmart first

  15. JD

    I don’t have a PIN either…only card number. Last time I was in there I tried using the card and the balance was over the limit on my card. Which is fine but they would not allow me to pay part of it with gift card and rest with my debit card. Now…I don’t know how much is on card therefore I cannot really use the card without the chance of it “declining”. I will agree…ridiculous policy on Wal-Mart’s behalf. Either have ALL of your gift cards with a PIN or have NONE of them with a PIN. If there is security reasons…why even make a card without a PIN? Will never use a WM gift card again nor will I ever give one again.

  16. Gloria

    These Visa Debit cards are impossible to use fully online. I tried and it didn’t work. When I called the number they were no help — ther e is no live voice person. I had to split up my order and then I had a remaining value I can’t access except with a cashier who can enter the exact amount to the penny. They seem to want to make certain I can’t use the full value of the card. Shame on Visa and anyone else who operates this way. Thanks a lot — all this and it cost the person who gave me this gift 5.44 for the privilege of having this card. Since when do customers have to pay fees to buy gift cards that bring a store other people’s business?

  17. do u need a pin number for all walmart visa gift cards

  18. Gary

    Same thing with me about lack of pin. Has card number on front. The back has 4 digits which represents last 4 of card on front. Also has a 3 digit code. Neither number is accepted as pin. Walmart is really doing their customers a disservice with these gift cards. They should not offer internet support for one type of card and also sell another card that is basically useless to check balance on the internet. There should at the minimum be an explanation that not all card balances can be checked.

  19. walmart reported that i recieved a 1000 dollar gift cerficate.
    i would like to know if it is real or not.

  20. Tiffany

    My parents bought me and my sister each a reloadable walmart shopping card for christmas a while back and I never put any more money on it. I would like to add value to the card but I don’t know how. Can I do this in stores? Or does it have to be done online using a credit card?

  21. joe

    wallmart is fucking crap shit bull shit nd its a free country hoes

  22. Sandi

    All I wanted was the account balance on my Visa Gift Card that I received as a gift. It was originally $100.00 and I’m not sure how much the balance is. Went throught a lot of trouble to get absolutely nothing. I used to work with computer programming and all you need is a site that you would enter your account number; three-digit security code and date of expiration. Then you should be able to get a balance, but in most cases as larger department stores there isn’t any expertise in this area!!!! Thanks for wasting my time.

  23. i agree with many who wanted to check balance. no pin on my card either, and i don t want to set an account up to check balance. also #1-888-537-5503 doesnt work ,but for a price, you can call another number. i realize co. are trying to get all the money they can. but unless i in the future spend the whole card i will not except another.

  24. Has anyone stratched of the silver/black strip on the back of your card? I did and found card # and pin #. Got my balance no problem. Cheer up!!!

  25. mary

    tried to get my balance, would not accept my birth year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck???

  26. ava

    hey i need to knw my balance

  27. Lauradane

    For those who don’t want to sign up for an account, why not? It doesn’t cost you anything. Plus, by signing up for an account your card number is put into a database which makes it easier to access your card balance. Also, as one smart commenter stated (no sarcasm here), if you scratch off the silver bar on the back of the card it will reveal both the 16 digit number from the front of the card and the pin number needed to access the card balance.

    Also, any time you are at Wal-Mart, the cashier can easily check the balance of the card at the register. However, if the card doesn’t read when swiped and has to be handkeyed, then the cashier will need to get a CSM which could take a few minutes depending on how busy the store is. It would not be a waste of time as another commenter stated because even if there ended up being a balance of $0, then at least you would know.

  28. evelyn

    bought a walmart gift card just to purchase a gift on line.told me it was in stock would be delivered on next day delivery . charged my card but didnt recieve gift . tracked order still tells me it will be delivered 2 days ago . called suppose to credit my card. will see if they do for 170.00 $ . if they don`t gonna really raise hell and complain to BBB

  29. Melissa

    I haven’t used my gift card in over a year since I got it last christmas and I know there’s still 10 dollars on it but when I entered the 16-digit and pin number that’s on my card on the Walmart site it said it’s invalid, I don’t know why. It should be working.

  30. Renee

    Second year in a row my brother from Boston sent my kids Wal-mart gift cards and second year one of them is not working. Very upsetting for the kid that goes up and is told the pin is invalid. What is wrong with Wal-mart that they sell a product that doesn’t seem to work 50% of the time? What do I do with a gift card and an invalid pin? I checked the cards before going to the store this time and one child is still upset by the fact it seems to be worth nothing.

  31. Sandy

    I tried to check my balance on a wal mart gift card on-line. I gave in and set up an account and even after all that it still would not give me my card balance. Pretty clever way to get peoples e-mail addresses. I thought this company could be trusted…! I called the number on the back of the card and was able to get my balance. I better not start getting a-lot of junk in my in box Wal-Mart!!

  32. Lorraine Gray

    can i go to wal-mart and order something that was on internet and pay in cash at store at same price on internet with free shiping at store

  33. Johny Jump

    Can’t use it online. No PIN and no silver/black scratch off area. WalMart FAIL like always.

  34. SUki

    My dad bought me a Walmart music card, I called the lady and she gave me my balance no problem, but when i go on the website to redeem it, i must be typing in the wrong numbers or something, i don’t know why it’s not working.

  35. Brittanie

    Okay so I got a visea card for christmas and I tried to register my card at and it only lets me put in 13 digits of my visa not 16, im soo MAD! Please help

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