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How to use a Walmart Visa Gift Card to Shop Online

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Walmart Visa gift cards are a very popular gift option for different occasions. A question we often get is whether you can use your Walmart Visa Gift card to make purchases online? The answer is Yes, but you first need to register the card with Walmart.

The problem with using the Walmart Visa gift card to shop online, is that there is no name or billing address associated with the card, so when you use it online, the merchant has no way to verify card ownership. You will be fine to make purchases at any brick and mortar location. However, to use the card online, you first need to add your name and billing address by registering the card. Here is how:

How to Register your Walmart Visa Gift Card

1. Visit WalmartGift

2. Click on “Register Now”

3. Enter your name and billing address

That’s all it takes to register your gift card. Once your Walmart Visa Gift Card is registered you will be able to; shop online or by phone,  manage your past transactions, and secure your balance if the card is ever lost or stolen.

Also note when shopping online to make sure you account for any other fees that may be associated with your purchase like shipping & handling or tax. Most online merchants only allow one form of payment, so if the total price of your item is more then the balance on your visa gift card, your transaction will be rejected. You can buy discount Visa Gift Cards or sell your Visa Gift Card for cash at

Alternatively, you can also use an American Express gift card to shop online. See our post on using the American Express gift card to shop online.


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  1. Katharine

    So heres a question I have about the Walmart Visa. I got one for Christmas, and I registered it online – except it never asked for my name. Just my e-mail address, address and phone number. In fact, I can’t find anywhere to put in my name.

    I can’t use it online because there is no “name” associated with my card. Not to mention I can’t get ahold of a live person through WalmartGift’s website/provided phone numbers.

    Do you know if it is common for names to not be asked for? If so, how do I get around this? Or how can I talk to a live person, and not a machine about this?

  2. William Harper

    I tried the steps outlined above, but with no success. My card is still declined at Walmart’s online store. The problem is that the “apply gift card” still asks for a pin, even after you have registered the card, and the Visa Walmart card does not have one.

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