An article was just released on Thursday from the Consumerist about fake gift card balance sites that are looking to steal the value of your gift card. The sites were professionally designed and executed, but immediately taken down after the submission to google that these sites were fake.

If you wish to check the balance of your gift card online it his highly advised to make sure that you are at the correct URL for the company that supports the card. For example the sites url’s used were “” and “” While these sites were designed to fool even seasoned web users it is recommended to navigate the original home page and then find the link to checking your balance.

Avoid anything involving “my____giftcard”

Sean writes,

I was recently trying to sell an Apple gift card on CraigsList and received a bite from a “buyer” who claimed they wanted the card but wanted me to take a screen shot of the balance from

Having been scammed before on gift card BS, I was very wary esp since I didn’t want to scratch off the pin for someone who may or may not buy the card. Especially since the woman didn’t want to give out any info and pulled the old “you seem sketchy since you won’t do this” card to try to put me on the defensive.

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