Over the last two years, gift card sales have either remained flat or dipped a bit, putting a slight dent in what has been a remarkable rise in their popularity over the last 7 years. However, gift card sales numbers for the 2010 holidays show that gift cards may be on the upswing again. According to this news report, despite the recession, gift cards remain the most popular present in 2010, which makes it four consecutive years that gift cards have been on top. The picture below from a local Walmart store here in Maryland proves the point.

There are several reasons for this – First, gift cards make great last minute gifts. Second, if you don’t know what to buy someone, you can give them a gift card, like prepaid gift cards, which allows them to shop anywhere the card issuer’s brand is accepted. So, for convenience, flexibility, and taking the guess work out of gift giving, gift cards will continue to be the most wanted gifts for sometime to come. Check out the Most Popular Gift Cards of 2010.