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Whole Foods Gift Card Balance Check & Review

Built On Standards

Whole Foods is the world leader in natural and organic foods with over 310 stores in North America alone. A company based on strict standards, Whole Foods a model for grocery stores everywhere. Whole Foods attributes their success based on a mission to provide “food in its purest state — unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives — is the best tasting and most nutritious food there is.” (Directly from their website).

Aside from their product standards, Whole Foods is polished all around. I came to this conclusion when I visited the gift card page on their website where I became thoroughly impressed with the layout, available options, and general ease of navigation.

Gift Card Review

Whole Foods offers an array of options when it comes to their gift certificates. The first option consumers have is between physical cards and a mobile/email card. Yes, I said mobile. WF gives you the opportunity to send a gift via SMS.


  • Eight choices of gift card images for birthdays and celebrations
  • Amounts: $20-$500
  • Optional personalized message
  • Free ground shipping


  • Recipient receives card instantly
  • Option to print OR display certificate on smartphone for use (WOW!)
  • Amounts: $20-$500
  • Optional personalized message

Whole Foods gift cards also have the ability to be reloaded. They offer a one time reload online where you can deposit funds directly from your bank account onto the card up to $500.  Also offered is a gift card account feature which provides customers the chance to manage the gift card. If you sign up for an account you can set up auto reloads based on a schedule or a minimum balance as well as view transaction history and gift card balance.

Check Your Balance

To no surprise, Whole Foods makes it very seamless and easy to check your cards balance. You can do any one of the following:

  • Call customer service at 866.833.5591
  • Register for a gift card account. (Suggested method)
  • Visit the website here. On the bottom right side of the page you will be asked for the gift card number. Plug it in and click “Check Balance”.


Whole Food Gift Card FAQ’S

Q. Is there an additional cost for gift cards bought online?

A. No. There is no additional cost for gift cards bought online. Also no activation, service or inactivity fees.

Q. Do you charge a service fee? Does my card expire?

A. No,  their cards never expire and we have never assessed a service fee to use our gift cards or for inactivity. Some of their older cards have some verbiage about a $2/fee, but this was never enacted, and will not be in the future.

Q. What happens if my gift card has been lost in the mail?

A. Please be sure that you allow enough time for the card to be processed and shipped. After that time, please call the helpline at (866)833-5591 or email so we can track your card.

Q. Can I resell my Whole Foods Market gift card?

A. Unfortunately you cannot sell gift card or exchange gift card. Whole Foods market only permits resale of gift cards through our non-profit fundraising program.

Q. If a gift card is lost or stolen, can it be replaced?

A. Gift cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift cards should be treated like cash. For this reason, Whole Foods advises you to choose UPS for your shipping method as it is more secure. Under certain circumstances and if the card has not been redeemed, WF may be able to reissue a card if you have your gift card number and proof of purchase.


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  1. Hey Wade, yeah whole foods is a good one in my book. Being a former chef and getting older now I have tried to avoid unhealthy and chemical filled foods as much as possible.

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